Jane Bianchini

Jane Bianchini, vice president of video interviewing at Criteria, has over 20 years of experience in the IT and HR/recruitment industries. In 2014, Jane founded Alcami Interactive, a disruptive and innovative digital interviewing platform, and served as CEO of Alcami before it was acquired by Criteria. Throughout her career, Jane has held senior executive positions across both large public and small private companies, leading high-performing organizations focusing on innovation and growth. Jane has held various board positions throughout her career, including Australian Computer Society, ITCRA, and the Entrepreneurs Organization. Jane received her bachelor's degree in psychology from Macquarie University and her Master of Business Administration from AGSM.

Smart Tech September 2, 2021
Why Video Interviews Will Stick Around After the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to confront many of their most fundamental assumptions, from the necessity of 9-5 office work to how they hire, onboard, and retain employees. As we slowly move toward the resolution of this crisis, many companies are holding onto the tools and strategies they initially adopted as short-term measures. In particular, remote work will remain the norm at...

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