Jim Brozny

Jim Brozny is the senior director of customer operations at SAP Fieldglass. SAP Fieldglass is the industry-leading vendor management system that helps companies manage their flexible workforces. Prior to his current role, Jim oversaw the account services customer support functions at SAP Fieldglass, including the help desk, command center, operations consultants, and account management teams. When he's not working, Jim coaches his son's little league teams and continues to search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

Inside Recruiting April 13, 2016
3 Ways to Take a Total Talent Approach to Your Flexible Workforce

Workforces at most of today's large companies are managed by one of two departments within the overall organization:human resources (HR) or procurement. Full-time and part-time "permanent" employees hired through traditional HR channels are recruited, onboarded, and trained in traditional, company-branded processes. Managed by HR, theses employees have their work progress tracked and...

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Inside Recruiting May 28, 2015
3 Steps for Hiring Your Way Out of a Skills Gap

A talent shortage is plaguing businesses across various industries – and the larger the company, the greater the problem. A recent survey from InformationWeek found that 88 percent of respondents at companies with more than 1,000 employees face a skills shortage, compared to 73 percent of respondents at smaller firms. There are many potential solutions that HR and procurement teams can...

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