Jonathan Kestenbaum

Jonathan is an entrepreneur and investor in New York City. He is executive director of Talent Tech Labs. Jonathan has embodied the entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, having started and run two successful businesses before he was 21. A lawyer by education and an entrepreneur by trade, Jonathan is passionate about being on the cutting edge of innovation and capitalizing on industry trends. If you're lucky, you might find him playing guitar at a dive bar in New York City.

The Innovators October 21, 2016
#HRTech Conference: Larger Companies Innovating, Siloes Being Destroyed, and Women in Tech Getting Their Due

This year's HR Technology Conference brought together some of the greatest minds and technologies in the industry under one roof. People have long said this is the one show everyone should go to, and in that respect, I was not disappointed. The conference kicked off with two new events, both held in the morning and early afternoon of day one. The "Women in HR Technology" event focused on...

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Smart Tech July 15, 2016
4 HR Trends Blowing Up Talent Acquisition, Part 4: Online Staffing Engages Contingent Workers

Read part one of the series here, part two here, and part three here. Online staffing companies are leveraging technology to disrupt the traditional staffing model. Unlike staffing firms, these companies deliver talent through marketplace transactions. These Web-based platforms let individuals buy and sell various services and provide those individuals with features that enable online...

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Smart Tech July 6, 2016
4 HR Trends Blowing Up Talent Acquisition, Part 3: CRMs Enhance the Candidate Experience

Read part one of the series here and part two here. Companies in the candidate relationship management (CRM) segment focus on the top of the candidate engagement funnel. They give employers better ways to interact with potential hires and build talent communities. Now that more and more companies emphasize the candidate experience, effective CRM solutions have become critical for...

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Smart Tech June 22, 2016
4 HR Trends Blowing Up Talent Acquisition, Part 2: Job Advertising Gets Outsourced

Read part one of the series here. Job advertising is a component of talent acquisition that has always and will always be necessary, but until recent years, it required little upkeep. The mid-2000s proved a tough job market for candidates, which made recruitment easy for talent acquisition teams. Today, the job advertising vertical is one of the largest in terms of both market size...

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Smart Tech June 6, 2016
4 HR Trends Blowing Up Talent Acquisition, Part 1: Social Networks and Search

The Web, recruitment technology, generational changes, and the skills gap have uprooted traditional recruitment strategies practically overnight. With the proliferation of HR tech, the talent acquisition landscape has become something of a shapeshifter, continuously changing and slowing down for no one. For great hiring to go off without a hitch, it needs the right talent acquisition tech...

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