Joseph Mabus

Joseph Mabus is the operations manager for Cutting Edge Connect, a Chicago-based executive consulting firm. Cutting Edge Connect provides contingency recruiting services, employee retention strategies, employer branding consultation, and pipeline management tools to North American companies and corporations. To learn more, please visit http:www.ceconnectinc.com.

Smart Tech September 11, 2015
Is Your Company Making These 5 Crucial Mistakes on Social Media?

"If you don't like what is being said, then change the conversation." -- Don Draper, Mad Men The number of ways in which one can market a company is limited only by the imaginations marketing professionals. Despite the best intentions of mailers, flyers, commercials, spots, billboards, and other promotions, far too many companies are tuning out newer media channels, thereby running the...

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The Innovators August 14, 2015
How to Keep the Right People at Your Company

You have an open position and a list of finalists who match your requirements. The candidates are well-versed in your company, its mission, and its products/services. They even clearly understand the drawbacks that may go along with being an employee at your organization. How do you know that the candidate you choose is going to stick around for several years to come? How do you know that...

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