Judy Lindenberger MBA

Judy Lindenberger "gets" leadership. She is the rare coach and trainer capable of coupling personal growth with professional development, which is why top companies and individuals invite her to work with them. Judy focuses on driving performance. From developing more impactful communications to helping successful leaders become even better; from navigating your career to managing conflict; your team will leave her programs with renewed energy and focus. Judy's background includes designing and facilitating the first-ever sexual harassment prevention training for federal workers, leading the management training department for a major financial organization, and creating a highly successful, global mentoring program for a Fortune 500 company which won the national Athena Award for Mentoring for two consecutive years. She is also a certified career coach and human resources consultant. A must hear speaker at industry conferences and a published author, Judy earned a B. A. in communications and an MBA in human resources. In her free time, Judy serves as Member, Board of Trustees, YWCA Trenton and Vice President, Hopewell Valley Regional School District. She is the Past President of the Board of SERV Achievement Centers, and is a trained community mediator and child advocate. SpecialtiesCustomized training (instructor-led and e-learning), career coaching, HR audits, organizational assessments, and human resources consulting. Contact: [email protected] or 609.730.1049.

What do You Mean My Organization Is a Stepping Stone?

I remember the moment I swore that I would always value my employees. It was the late 90s, I was the head of sales and my boss was sitting across the table. "Sales people are a dime a dozen," he said. "I could replace anyone working here tomorrow and not miss a beat." That told me everything I needed to know about my value to the organization and it didn't take long before I left and...

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Ten Reasons to Move Your Training Online

In today's knowledge based economy, business skills and knowledge are the pillars of career success.  In order for businesses and individuals to stay afloat it is vital that professionals continuously update these skills.  However, finding the time and the resources necessary to do so can be challenging. Not sure if online learning is right for you?  Here are the top ten reasons why...

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Smart Choices: Hiring the Right People

Need an office manager or a front-desk person? Pay and benefits are important but a successful search may depend more on patience. Physicians — most of whom are accustomed to making quick decisions — often don't put enough time or thought into hiring, says Elizabeth Woodcock, an Atlanta-based practice management expert. "Until physicians come to realize that they are leading...

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I Just Lost My Job: How Do I Tell My Kids?

One of the responsibilities of a human resources professional is to let employees know that their jobs have been eliminated. It is hard to give the news and even harder to receive it. Just recently, I was involved in communicating a large layoff to employees at a Fortune 500 company. I met with one woman tell her about the career transition services she could take advantage of. The woman was...

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Make the Most of Your Meetings

Typical managers spend nearly 40% of their work hours in meetings, not to mention the time spent preparing (and recuperating). A survey of business leaders showed: • 33% of time spent in meetings is unproductive • 75% of the respondents said it is "almost essential" to have an agenda, yet they use them only 50% of the time • Only 64% of meetings achieve their intended...

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Tips for Launching Your Own Business

This November marks my nine-year anniversary of starting my own human resources consulting business. As I look back on the years, I am amazed at what I accomplished and learned. If you are thinking about starting a business, read on! I always dreamed about having my own business, talked to friends about it, and imagined how it might be. But it was only after two people in my life gave me a...

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Make the Most of Your Mentoring Relationships

Mentoring is one of the best ways to learn, to get feedback, and to take your career to the next level.  Here are ten tips for making the most of your mentoring relationships. Tip #1 Self-assess.  Ask yourself, "What skills do I need to get where I want to go?" Tip #2 Identify your learning goals.  Put them in writing. Tip #3 Decide together how the mentoring relationship will work...

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Move Your Career Ahead by Focusing on One Thing at a Time

If you are like most people we know, you lead a busy life. When do you have time to think about moving your career forward? What we have learned, both as career coaches, and in our professional lives, is that the key to making any change is to slow down and focus on just one thing at a time. It is the same when you want to move your career forward. There are techniques you can learn about...

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