Kim Lorenz

Kim Lorenz founded two companies starting at age 26 with zero backing, then sold both to Fortune 500 companies before he was 47. Kim cuts through the noise of becoming a tech millionaire and demonstrates the work it takes to build multimillion-dollar companies. His expertise can be accessed through his most recent book, "Tireless," which is available now for purchase online and at all major book outlets.

Success January 2, 2020
Opportunity Abounds — Grow Your Career by Learning How to Find It

Today, there are more opportunities to grow in your career than at any other time in history. But with so many opportunities available, people can feel overwhelmed. They may not know where to invest their time for the best, most fulfilling results. I've found this to be the case for both people who are just starting their careers and those who are looking to grow their existing ones. When...

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