Louis Carter

Louis Carter, MA, is author of more than 10 books on best practices in leadership and management, including "Change Champion's Field Guide" and "Best Practices in Talent Management." He is a top advisor to C-level executives, helping them and their organizations achieve measurable results. Carter is the recipient of ELearning! Magazine's Trailblazer Award, HR Tech Conference Top Products Award, and Leadership Excellence Magazine's Best in Leadership Development for his work as chairman and CEO of Best Practice Institute. He received his MA in social/organizational psychology from Columbia University.

The Innovators May 23, 2018
Building Your Organizational Community: Inspiring Loyalty and a Sense of Belonging Among Diverse Constituents

I once worked with a CEO who was having trouble retaining employees. His company had a high turnover rate, and he told me the endless process of hiring new people to replace those who had left was costly, both in terms of actual expenses and time spent by his staff onboarding and training new people. I asked about the training. What did that involve? How did the company build a cohesive...

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