Lucas Miller

Lucas Miller is freelance blogger, direct response copywriter, and content marketer at Echelon Copy. When he's not reading, writing, or fiddling around on the internet, he enjoys spending an hour or two on lengthy runs in the mountains near his home in Orem, Utah.

Inside Recruiting August 30, 2021
Write a Job Ad That Reaches the Right Candidates With These 4 Tips

Your business is growing, and you're looking to hire new employees. But how do you create job ads that draw the perfect candidates to your roles? Writing a job advertisement that captures the attention of the right group of candidates isn't easy. You need to put your company's best foot forward, and you only have limited space to convey key concepts like your workplace environment, your...

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Inside Recruiting June 30, 2017
How to Use Facebook Ads to Recruit Your Industry's Brightest Minds

In today's high tech society, there are more ways than ever to reach out to top talent in your industry niche. But are job boards like Monster and Indeed or career-focused social media sites like LinkedIn your best bet? There's a good chance these resources consume a big part of your recruiting budget, but the sad truth is that the many people actively searching for employment on these...

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Get Hired May 22, 2017
Improve Your Personal Finances to Become a More Confident Candidate

It feels terrible to fail at something and not know why – for example, when you're on the job hunt and can't seem to get past the interview stage. A number of factors may be responsible for your interview troubles. The usual suspects would be an anemic resume or answering questions poorly. Sometimes, it just doesn't work out. Usually, there's a specific reason why your interviews...

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Smart Tech January 20, 2017
4 Top-Tier Tools to Keep Your Employees Connected

Communicating with clients is a critical work task – as is regularly interacting with your fellow employees. Contrary to widely accepted belief, neither is more important than the other. Yes, loyal, long-term clients are the ones technically keeping your place of business afloat, but it's a strong, unified team that keeps things running properly. You'd be wise to keep it this way. If you...

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