Marissa Litty

Marissa Litty is the marketing assistant at Red Branch Media, a marketing and advertising firm that serves the Human Resources and Recruiting markets. Red Branch Media has grown from a simple consultancy to a full-service B2B marketing agency. Litty brings experience in event planning, design and advertising and enjoys writing about technology and mobile.
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The Scientific Method of Chemistry in the Workplace

Among the crazier, little-known holidays sits a jewel of a week that just about every company could stand to remember. The week of October 18 – 24 was National Chemistry Week, and though the American Chemical Society is referring to the science of chemistry with this week, HR pros, hiring managers, and recruiters should maybe consider a little celebration of their own next year. Turn the HR...

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Talk Social to Me: Recruiters Tell It Like It Is

Breaking news for recruiters: you should be using social media in your recruitment strategies! Okay, so the newsflash wasn't so newsworthy. It's true that social media can either make or break your hiring game, and it's even more true that every recruiter, hiring manager, and HR practitioner has heard about it at least a million different ways. With 78 percent of recruiters having hired...

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How Recruiters Can Cure the Bad Manager Epidemic

Employees quit managers. In fact, 75 percent of employees quit the leaders they work for and not the company. Employees grumble and hit their breaking point, morale lowers and productivity suffers, all while recruiters and hiring managers take the blame. Whether you are considering a current employee or new applicant to fill a leadership role, looking for certain traits can help you skirt the...

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What Can We Learn from 2014's High-Profile Firings?

It is estimated that replacing a lost employee costs a company anywhere from 90 percent to 200 percent of that person's annual salary. For any size company, that number is huge, but when you consider the sheer amount of money some high-profile careers offer, that total can be devastating. Recently, the news has been hopping with big name CEOs and athletes who face employment loss. While...

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There's No Place Like Home — to Recruit

Improvements in technology have impacted the way the world works. In 2013, more than 60 percent of Americans reported working from home, and that number is only expected to grow. With tools like video interviewing, screen-sharing, digital conference calling, and virtual invoicing, as well as an ever-growing preference for digital documents among companies, a recruiter almost never needs to...

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Keep Calm and Recruit On: 9 Easy Steps

Recruiters have it rough. They really do: deadlines, hiring, keeping in touch with candidates, keeping clients/bosses happy. Even as I type this sentence, a to-do list weighs heavy on my brain. In fact, in 2013, 65 percent of workers cited their job as the significant source of their stress. Code Green, Level 1, I'm Feeling Like that Refrigerated Cucumber Being busy isn't a curse, and...

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Plants, Pets and Other Crazy Ways to Boost Productivity!

America is busy. The average American spends 10.3 years of their life at work with the average office employee spending 5 years sitting at a desk and 2 years in meetings. Recruiters have the difficult job of wearing multiple hats, meaning they need to make every minute on the clock count toward completing something. Calling applicants, speaking to clients, filling out paperwork, and nurturing...

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Are You Reading their Resumes all Wrong?

Paul is a manager for a well-known banking branch. When an employee quits, it is his job to read resumes and interview those that seem like a fit. When a solid resume passed through his fingers, he quickly placed the applicant into his interview pile. A week later, Paul was sitting across the desk from a recently graduated, very intelligent young lady who could not speak louder than the room's...

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Win Over Your Audience (the Applicant)

This past weekend was the annual Video Music Award ceremony; the event where MTV brings together the artists who have impacted the pop music industry for the past few years. Though award ceremonies are not always the best place to get an accurate idea of what an artist deserves, the connection between what performers accomplish and the way a recruiter gets that perfect candidate are actually...

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Should We 86 the 9 to 5?

It was 6:30 a.m. I knew because I could hear my dad barreling down the hallway and into my room. "The sun is barely up and it's already a great day," he would say to me in a booming voice. I certainly couldn't tell how happy the sun was after he flicked the light on in my room considering it was still considerably dark outside. In my teenage and hormone-fueled disposition, I would grunt...

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Mama Knows Best: Remember These 6 Pro Tips?

Your candidate smiles and shakes your hand. All things you'd expect from someone who is happy to meet you. As soon as you sit down, however, they consistently look at their watch, the wall clock, their cell phone... Since 93 percent of communication is non-verbal, signs point to they aren't really that happy to meet you. It's important in the business world to have a clear understanding...

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Recruiting in a Mobile Whirlwind

The average person spends 90 minutes a day on his or her phone, which amounts to 23 days out of a year spent looking at a mobile screen. In 2013, 72 percent of active candidates (and 62 percent of passive candidates) viewed career sites from their mobile device and those numbers are only expected to grow as more and more technological advances are made. Surprisingly, the number of companies...

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