Matt Kresko

Matt Kresko is the founder of Talent Acquisition Partners and the cohost of The Internship Podcast. Matt loves finding the perfect fit between job seekers and companies of all sizes and industries, from the Inc. 5000 list to the Fortune 500 list. Matt spends his free time hanging out with his dog, Zoe; devouring quality literature; and being overly competitive at recreational league volleyball.

Inside Recruiting June 24, 2020
How to Stop Bad Employee Reviews From Cooling Off Your Candidates

In early February, The Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a motion to block a subpoena for the identity of 10 individual Glassdoor posters, who were accused by their former employer, Kraken, of violating a non-disparagement agreement by posting reviews on the site. The case, which could be a watershed moment in the history of digital data privacy, illustrates how far employers will go...

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