Michael Smith

Michael Smith is the founder of SlideHeroes, a provider of presentation-writing video training for professionals. With 15 years of experience as a management consultant (ex-Oliver Wyman, London Business School), Michael is committed to helping as many professionals as he can learn the lost art of presentation craftsmanship -- while avoiding looking as foolish as he did when he first started!

The Innovators September 22, 2015
The Single Most Underrated Career Skill Ever Is ...

... PowerPoint. I'm not kidding! (It is a strange one, isn't it?) You probably thought it was going to something like "initiative" or "creative thinking" or "interpersonal skills," didn't you? Let me explain. I'm using "PowerPoint" as a kind of shorthand. I am not really talking about how to bullet a list or bold a word. I'm talking about something a little more. What Are...

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