Ngan Pham

Ngan Pham is the cofounder and COO of Rakuna, the campus recruiting Web and mobile solution for employers of all size. For some great free tips on effective campus recruiting and millennial recruiting, head over to Rakuna's blog. To supercharge your campus recruiting process, sign up for a risk-free happiness-guaranteed trial with Rakuna Recruit -- the No. 1 candidate lead capture mobile application!

Get Hired September 27, 2016
5 Key Interview Questions to Help You Find the Perfect Hire

The perfect candidate can be tough to find. Not only does this person need to have the right personality and business acumen, but they also need to suit your company and the position that's available. The interview is an important step in finding this ideal candidate because it gives you the opportunity to gain insights into your candidate's traits that you couldn't uncover through a resume...

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Inside Recruiting April 29, 2016
Don't Hire Based on First Impressions

We've all seen that candidate who just wasn't ready for the interview. Their laptop broke down the night before, or the bus was late, or something else happened so that the interview just didn't go the way they had planned. Should your first impression of such an unfortunate candidate decide their fate? For Many, the First Impression Is the Last Plenty of interviewers make their...

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Inside Recruiting December 31, 2015
5 Company Perks That Definitely Attract Millennials

As baby boomers transition out of the workforce and millennials flood in, employers need to take note of the new strategies they'll need to attract and retain the top talent of today's workforce. Millennials value job satisfaction more highly than previous generations, and contemporary workers who are dissatisfied with their current employers will almost certainly scout out more attractive...

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Inside Recruiting November 3, 2015
How to Build an Effective Candidate Follow-Up Strategy

Job candidates know the importance of follow-up -- and yet, interviewers often forget basic follow-up strategies, which leads to poor candidate experiences and damaged business reputations. Successful, in-demand candidates often decide against otherwise exciting job opportunities solely because the company didn't follow up properly. Furthermore, treating your rejected prospects poorly can...

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