Sajjad Masud

Sajjad Masud is Co-founder & CEO of Simplicant, a cloud-based social recruiting platform transforming talent acquisition and making enterprise-level recruiting technology accessible to companies of all sizes. Connect with Sajjad and the Simplicant team at @Simplicant, on Facebook or on LinkedIn.

Marketing Lessons for Hiring Managers from the Presidential Campaigns

Who knows marketing better than those who ran the presidential campaigns? During election season, it was hard to miss the candidates everywhere you went. When one wrong move can cost you the election, effective marketing becomes extremely important. Effective marketing strategies are no less important for companies looking to hire the best people, even if the whole country is not watching your...

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4 Hiring Lessons From Horror Movies

With Halloween around the corner, it might be time to admit recruiting can be a scary task. You want to find the best people for your company before the competition picks them off one by one. More importantly, however, you want to avoid making bad decisions. Some of these hiring mistakes can be truly scary; one in four hiring managers said a bad hire set their company back more than...

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How To Go For The Gold With A Team-Based Hiring Approach

With the medals handed out and the games concluded, we can take a look back at the months and years leading to the Olympic games. Top athletes selected to represent each country's Olympic team were picked from the best, after many try-outs and judging competitions. Based on the toughest criteria, these decisions were a result of input from many people involved in the process to make sure that...

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4 Things Recruiting Technology Decision Makers Need To Know

Is your old recruiting system inefficient and causing your company to take too long to source and recruit candidates? Do you often feel that your organization just missed out on great candidates because it couldn't move fast enough to make important decisions? Do usability issues with your previous-generation recruiting system often frustrate your HR staff, candidates and employees? These are...

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How Any Startup Can Build a Great Team

Recruiting for a startup can be a challenge, no matter what position you are looking to fill. Startups, like many other organizations, are looking at many factors when it comes to a desirable candidate, such as keeping up with ever-changing work environments, transferable skills, and a work history that proves they are the right fit. Add the sometimes necessary task of recruiting members from a...

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