Scott Cramer

Scott Cramer is CEO of Go Solar Group, a solar quote provider and installer based in Utah and Reno, Nevada. Green business has always been a part of Scott’s life. At the age of 11, Scott started a curbside recycling business. After graduating from university, Scott started an energy consulting firm designed to save business owners money and help the environment. Scott has immersed himself in solar since 2009, when he first saw the effect it could have on the lives of others.

The Innovators February 15, 2018
What Being a Solar CEO Taught Me About Workplace Energy

In my time as the CEO of a solar company, I've learned a lot about energy. I know how to manage home electricity usage, how to help people reduce their power bills and establish energy independence. I've internalized a whole set of technical concepts and jargon. I know conduits, alternating currents, direct currents, PV, kilowatt hours, and transduction like the back of my hand. I could...

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