Sean Gordon

Sean's experience recruiting, hiring, training, and building teams inspired him to found HIRENAMI to take these challenges from painful, inefficient, and time-consuming to quick and effective.

Smart Tech July 3, 2018
Creating Dynamic Video Training Content on a Budget

The modern workforce is changing — quickly. With each passing year, employees become more tech savvy than ever before. Today's workers want technology infused into every aspect of their jobs — including training. As a result, many companies have begun to create video-based training content for employees. Such content tend to resonate with tech-oriented employees, and it often leads...

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Smart Tech June 13, 2018
5 Ways a Video Content Management System Can Benefit Your Business Beyond Marketing

Marketing and video content now go together hand in hand, and for good reason: Research shows that video distributed through social media platforms generates 1,200 percent more shares than text and images combined and that companies using video in their marketing campaigns grow revenue nearly 50 percent faster than those that do not. The ubiquity of video has led many companies to search...

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Inside Recruiting March 29, 2018
6 Ways to Improve New Employee Onboarding

Whether your company is trading on the New York Stock Exchange or a startup working out of a garage, training new employees is absolutely crucial to your business's success. And yet, companies often fail to realize this. Many organizations devote months and months to the hiring process, pouring over applications and sitting in interviews. When a new hire comes on board, however, they are...

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Smart Tech December 28, 2017
Online Coaching: The Recruiting and Retention Tool You Keep Overlooking

Online employment coaching platforms have radically transformed how employers connect with employees and aid in their professional growth. If on-the-job coaching is not a fixture of your workplace, your company is missing out on a powerful recruiting and retention tool. Businesses often train new hires to get them up to speed, but rarely do they devote attention to the education of...

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