Stephane Kasriel

As CEO of Upwork, Stephane Kasriel is driving the company’s vision of connecting businesses with talent faster than ever. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., with offices in San Francisco and Oslo, Norway.

Success April 10, 2017
Why Productivity Experts Say You Should Stop Managing Your Time

Many businesses are filled with busy workers trying to get everything done each day – but a "busy day" does not necessarily mean a "valuable day," nor does a busy day always lead to success. Most business leaders know this. How do we help our workers shift from being "busy" to being "productive"? Experts say the secret to creating valuable, productive days is to manage your focus, not...

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Inside Recruiting November 11, 2016
Veterans Answered the Call to Serve; Will You Answer the Call to Hire Them?

Veterans' Day is an important reminder to each of us to reflect on and be thankful for the service and sacrifice of those who have served in the military and of their families. It is also an opportunity for us, as a country, to think about how to repay that service, in some small measure, by providing opportunities for veterans to continue contributing to our society in new ways. The...

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Inside Recruiting April 8, 2016
To Hire the Best, Companies Need to Move Beyond the Resume

A lot of us know this already, and yet, people are still using resumes – largely because nobody's too clear on what should replace them. Social media? Videos? Contests? All of these have been mentioned as substitutes, but they're all kind of half-baked and only tell a partial story. Instead, I suggest that companies rely more on third-party feedback – in essence, the candidate's...

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