Stephen Barnes

As a freelance recruitment consultant Stephen has worked with a wide variety of professionals throughout his career and built up a firm knowledge base of the industry. He now passes his spare time writing articles offering advice and insight into the recruitment sector.

Get Hired February 16, 2015
The Evolving Job Search

The process of how we find a job has changed drastically over the last 10 to 15 years as there's been a significant shift from paper to digital information. Job seekers no longer study the newspaper in the hopes of finding a job description that suits them, instead they will browse job ads digitally and submit their CVs online. The same can be said for recruiters; software filters out...

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Success January 22, 2015
How to Declutter Your Office Space

The old adage "Tidy house, tidy mind" goes double when you're at the office. Minimizing distractions by removing useless clutter can help us work more efficiently, improve concentration and even reduce stress. But where do you start? For many of us, the prospect of having a clear out is as welcome as filling out your tax return. But you'd be surprised how simple it can be to get rid of...

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How to Tell if a Job Ad is a Scam

A gang of fraudsters were jailed recently after posting fake job adverts online. The gang used the ads to facilitate the delivery of computer viruses to the applicants that made copies of their bank details.  The issue, sadly, isn't isolated as a spate of similar crimes have hit the news in months gone by. Whilst such incidents remain rare, vigilance is nevertheless recommended for those...

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Insurance Guide for Recruitment Professionals

As a recruiter, you are trained to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a worker and decide whether or not they are suitable for a role which you have been assigned to fill. The vacant spot is something which you should take great professional care to evaluate and decide which of your contacts, if any, are best suited to taking the job. In doing this you have been trusted with the potential...

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