Steven Cox

Steven Cox is chief evangelist at IRIS FMP, a leading international HR consultancy specializing in the support of global HR and resourcing for companies ranging from startups to large corporations.

The Innovators December 9, 2020
People, Planning, and Platforms: How to Build an Effective Upskilling Strategy in the New Normal

Skills, knowledge, and expertise are essential elements of any organization's success, and they require constant training, development, and refinement. That's why so many organizations have been reviewing their internal skill availability amid the upheavals of the pandemic. With the economy on shaky ground, the firms that thrive most are those willing to embrace upskilling as a key business...

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The Innovators August 11, 2020
Reboarding: How to Prepare Your Organization for a Return to the Office

The coronavirus pandemic has forced huge swaths of the American workforce into furlough or remote work arrangements. Now, as lockdown restrictions slowly and unevenly begin to lift, employers are starting to think about how to bring employees back into the office. The return to normal is likely to be a long path with plenty of ups and downs. To makes things as easy as possible, company...

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