Suzanne Vallance

Suzanne Vallance is an industry writer from Glasgow, Scotland. She uses her knowledge of supplementary business courses to drive businesses to success and encourages candidates to upskill to give themselves the corporate edge.

Inside Recruiting August 31, 2016
Should You Subsidize Your Employees' Dental Plans?

As the issue of employee wellness gains more attention form corporate leaders, investing in employee health has become more important than ever. Thanks to evidence that suggests that employee well-being is tied to commercial success – like a recent Edenred study that found 97 percent of employers agree that good health is linked to business outcomes – more employers are feeling...

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The Innovators August 24, 2016
Why You Should Empower Your Employees With Supplementary Training

The workplace is ever-changing, thanks to new best practices and innovations that always come along to keep the landscape fresh. However, this means that businesses are at risk of falling behind market trends if they do no keep abreast of what is happening in their industries. The good news is that each year there are also massive advances in learning programs designed to keep staff up...

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