Thomas Moran

Mr. Moran has more than 22 years of experience in the staffing industry and has held executive leadership positions within the industry’s largest firms. Prior to joining Addison Group in 2011, Mr. Moran served as chief executive officer for Mastech Inc., a leading staffing firm. Previously, Mr. Moran served as chief executive officer for Frontenac Company, Inc., a private equity firm. Prior to his work with Frontenac Company, Mr. Moran served as president and chief executive officer of Hudson Highland Group, Inc., Americas, where he built a management team that led the organization to record revenues and profits. Mr. Moran also served in various leadership roles at Robert Half International, where he directed and grew operations as the District President of Operations for one of the largest multi-state territories in North America.

2014 Workplace Trends: What to Expect from the Corporate World in the Coming Year

As 2014 gets underway and everyone's schedules gets back to normal after holiday vacation and extended snow days, many people are looking ahead to what the year will bring. Between President Obama's State of the Union address and predictions for a slowly improving economy bringing hope to millions of out-of-work Americans, people are closely watching jobs numbers. Along with the...

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What You Need to Know Before Changing Careers

Changing careers used to be considered a very risky and foolish move. Decades ago, it was rare to change career paths and blaze new trails. Not only were college educations fewer (many people were more hesitant to switch careers after studying so many years at their chosen profession), but work experience and loyalty to one's firm was considered of the utmost priority. Of course, today's...

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