Waggl is a simple way to surface and distill real-time actionable feedback. Named after the dance that bees do in a hive to transmit important information very quickly, Waggl lives at the intersection of two organizational realities: Companies want an engaged workforce and employees want to know that their opinions count. Waggl goes beyond the traditional survey by offering an extremely easy way to listen to many voices at once within an organization for the purpose of making it better. Waggl’s real-time listening platform creates a transparent, authentic two-way dialogue that gives people a voice, distills insights, and unites organizations through purpose.

With a highly seasoned management team and a board including esteemed executives from Glassdoor, Success Factors, Hirevue, and Coupa, Waggl is an innovative industry leader helping companies like Glassdoor, Juniper Networks, Apollo Education Group, Lear Corp., VISA, Lifelock, Sutter Health, and Ellie Mae succeed by building a listening culture. For more information, please visit: http://www.waggl.com/.

The Innovators April 17, 2019
The 4-Step Model to Activating Employee Voice

You've probably heard the term "employee voice" a lot lately. The employee engagement landscape is shifting, and strategic HR pros are looking for more agile tools that allow them to tap into the value of their most important asset: their people. That's a worthwhile goal. On average, American workers will spend 90,000 hours of their lives at work. Don't they deserve to know they are...

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Inside Recruiting March 20, 2019
Who's Afraid of the On-Demand Workforce?

As the on-demand workforce balloons in size, it is changing the way organizations staff their companies and get critical tasks done. While there is much to be excited about — unparalleled flexibility, increased agility, lowered costs — the on-demand workforce can also induce a little anxiety in business leaders and HR pros, as any disruptive force naturally would. To get to the heart...

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The Innovators February 20, 2019
The Evolution of Employee Engagement

It's no secret that organizations with high levels of engagement consistently outperform the competition. According to a meta-analysis conducted by Gallup, "business or work units that score in the top quartile of their organization for employee engagement nearly double the odds of success" in comparison with those in the bottom quartile. In practice, that increased success looks like a 41...

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Inside Recruiting January 16, 2019
5 Thoughtful Ways to Retain Your Top Talent

Employee turnover costs US companies $160 billion a year. That's a sobering statistic for any organization, but the stakes can be even higher in certain industries. For example, failure to retain key talent can be a potentially life-threatening situation for a health care company. As we kick off 2019, employers have to consider how they can ensure their employees will want to spend...

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The Innovators December 19, 2018
Do Your Employees Feel a Sense of Purpose at Work? 4 Questions to Ask:

Many companies boast of altruistic mission statements and entice job seekers by highlighting their purpose-driven cultures. But as well meaning as these efforts may be, even employees in highly mission-driven organizations can have trouble feeling a sense of purpose in their work. For those who seek to make a positive impact on the world, this disconnect between what the company says and...

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The Innovators November 21, 2018
To Build a Respectful, Resilient Workplace, Start Asking Questions

We're often told leaders need to give respect in order to get it, but leaders aren't the only ones who should be concerned with respect in the workplace. Those who want to be part of high-performance organizations also need to put respect front and center. But what does respect have to do with high performance? In a recent piece for the Harvard Business Review, Marquette University...

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The Innovators October 17, 2018
What Builds Trust Inside an Organization?

Progressive leaders care about promoting trust in the workplace because they understand it will make the organization stronger. Sadly, it isn't easy to cultivate a work environment where employers trust their employees, and, in turn, employees trust the organization. Even if your company was built on a foundation of trust — grown from humble beginnings with an open-door policy that...

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Inside Recruiting September 19, 2018
Redefining Human Capital Management: Employees Are People, Too

Human capital management (HCM) is evolving with the times. As defined by Gartner, HCM is "a set of practices ... focused on the organizational need to provide specific competencies in three categories: workforce acquisition, workforce management, and workforce optimization." The discipline has changed significantly over the course of the last decade, driven in large part by advances in...

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The Innovators August 15, 2018
Biomimicry: The Natural Way to Drive Innovation

Dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker, an evolutionary biologist and anthropologist, is on a mission to change the way people work. "When cities grow in size, per capita innovation and productivity explodes — but when a company grows, productivity and innovation per employee decline," she muses. "What's the difference? And what can we do about it?" Dr. Woolley-Barker has a unique answer to this...

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The Innovators July 18, 2018
Harnessing the Power of Diversity and Inclusion in Change Initiatives

According to Bruce Fern of Change Ready Solutions, a recent Waggl webinar speaker, "Today, more than ever, in order to stay relevant, competitive, and meet evolving customer demands, businesses must be capable of managing rapid and complex change. Many businesses speak to the importance of diversity and inclusion. Nevertheless, they miss the tremendous opportunity that change offers to put...

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The Innovators June 20, 2018
How Transparency and Inclusion Help Drive Profit

In my role as head of consulting at Waggl, I have worked with diverse clients, and I have seen the clear evidence of the relationship between transparency, inclusion, and profit. Of course, many senior executives prefer to focus almost solely on increased productivity in order to boost profit and shareholder returns. This is understandable and often appropriate, but the fact is that...

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The Innovators May 16, 2018
50 Shades of Dismay: The Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Organization

This article sets out 50 people-oriented issues that signal an unhealthy organization. There are undoubtedly other warning signs, but this starter list will get you thinking about any potential areas for growth. For the sake of longer-term organizational success, the first step toward improvement is for HR leaders to identify these unhealthy characteristics. The next step is to collaborate...

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