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This Week: Top 10 Social Recruiting Software Platforms

At this point, if your recruiting process doesn’t involve social media, then you’re probably doing it wrong.

But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to tap into the power of social networks for recruiting purposes. There’s a lot of noise out in the social space. Cutting through that noise and using social media in an efficient way requires more than just tweeting out open jobs and scrolling through candidates’ LinkedIn profiles. What you need is some supplementary software that can help you take your social recruiting game to the next level.

Today, we present our 10 favorite social recruiting software platforms:

1. PeopleFluent


PeopeFluent’s recruiting software basically turns your entire recruiting process into one big social media space. Its “social collaboration workspace” allows recruiters and hiring managers to interact fluidly and flexibly, sharing notes, feedback, and update on candidates.

Another major bonus of the software is its video recruiting capabilities. As Jesse Harrison of Zeus Lawsuit Funding writes, “Your company can use video to introduce itself to the candidates, and the candidates can use video to introduce themselves to you. This is a feature that’s missing from a lot of other solutions.”

Harrison also nominated PeopleFluent because she “likes the checks and balances that are in place.” She continues: “It seems that the [creators] have predicted what mistakes you’re likely to make, and they have checks in place to make sure you don’t make these mistakes.”

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2. iCIMS


iCIMS earned a spot on another one of our top 10 lists back in January, but what can we say? These guys know how to do recruiting tech right.

Through iCIMS’s social recruiting software, employers can create job “microsites” on Facebook; share Twitter cards that turn ordinary tweets into fully detailed job postings; and create mobile-friendly recruiting portals for on-the-go candidates. If you want to turn your social media presence into a powerful talent funnel, iCIMS has your back.

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3. Ascendify


With Ascendify, employers can transform their career pages into thriving talent, interactive communities. This allows recruiters and HR pros to trade their reactive hiring tactics in for proactive, long-term strategies that cost less and deliver higher quality talent.

Ascendify also excels at building great candidate experiences. Not only is the platform’s interface absolutely beautiful and totally user-friendly, but it also allows job seekers to apply for jobs simply by submitting data from their social media profiles. Goodbye, lengthy and needlessly complicated application processes!

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4. Glassdoor


Okay, so Glassdoor isn’t technically a software, but it can still be super useful in your social recruiting efforts. Here’s Chris Skaggs, senior director of talent and brand management at Technology Service Professionals, on why he’s a fan of Glassdoor for social recruiting:

“We’ve recently started paying for a Glassdoor subscription, and some of the initial results we’ve seen just in the first few months have been staggering. Any company can set up a free profile, but a paid subscription gives you a lot more flexibility and functionality. Similarly to LinkedIn, if someone is following your company on Glassdoor, they are already a warm contact in your pool of talent and interested in what you are selling. I think the main difference between LinkedIn and Glassdoor is that most people on Glassdoor are actively seeking new opportunities, while a majority of the users on LinkedIn are contentedly employed. From an employer’s perspective, this is great news – especially when you’re posting a job.”

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5. Lever


Lever also showed up in a previous Top 10 of ours – in the same one as iCIMS, actually – but again: We have to give credit where credit is due, and Lever deserves some credit for its social recruiting capabilities.

For starters, let’s talk about the Lever browser extension, which you can use to automatically turn candidates’ profiles on multiple sites like GitHub, AngelList, and Dribbble into entries in your ATS. That’s an incredibly convenient button to have, but there’s more: Lever’s ATS is presented as a social feed itself, which allows recruiting team members to stay aligned with one another, keep tabs on the overall process, and share feedback easily.

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6. Entelo Search


How many social media profiles do you have? I think I’ve got, like, five (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+). You probably have a similar number – and so does each one of your candidates. While it’s great to have access to all this information, it can quickly become overwhelming: When you have tens – maybe even hundreds – of candidates in your funnel, when are you supposed to find the time to read through all of every candidate’s profiles?

This is why Entelo Search is so cool. It’s essentially a search engine that draws from more than 50 online sources to create comprehensive candidate profiles. You don’t have to go digging anymore: Entelo puts all the details you need right in front of you.

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7. Oracle Taleo Social Sourcing Cloud Service


Oracle Taleo Social Sourcing Cloud Service combines social media with employee referrals to essentially automate your social recruiting process. Through the platform, employers send open positions to employees, and the software then scans employees’ social media connections and makes suggestions about which of their contacts might be good fits for these roles. Oracle aims to inspire “viral job sharing” through its software – which is exactly the kind of recruitment advertising technique our hyperconnected world requires.

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8. Bullhorn Reach


Want to share job openings across multiple social media platforms? Check out Bullhorn Reach, which allows you to create job postings and share them to a number of social media sites and job boards without ever leaving the software. Bullhorn Reach also uses behavioral analytics to detect subtle hints that your social media connections may be ready to make a move, which means you can be the first in line to court that perfect candidate.

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9. Greenhouse


Like many of the solutions on this list, Greenhouse lets you easily distribute jobs to social media platforms. That’s great, but what really sets Greenhouse apart from the competition is its analytics capabilities. If you’re the data-hungry type, Greenhouse is the social recruiting software for you.

Greenhouse tracks which employees are sending the best referrals your way and which social media platforms are driving the most high-quality candidates to your company. With this bird’s-eye view of your social recruiting efforts, you can identify your best brand ambassadors and the most worthwhile channels – and from there, you can start making more strategic decisions about how to recruit future talent.

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10. Jobvite Refer


We gave Jobvite props for its video recruiting functions not too long, and now we want to shout the company out for Jobvite Refer, its excellent social recruiting solution.

The software allows users to send personalized job invitations through their social networks, and it also uses candidates’ social media data to calculate how well they match your organization’s open jobs. Furthermore, it allows you to queue up your social media job posts in advance, which means you and your team can keep a steady stream of updates going with minimal effort.

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