A career in recruiting can be challenging, lucrative, and fulfilling. With the right training, almost anyone can become a recruiter.

However, some people are more naturally disposed to recruiting success than others. Are you considering a career in recruiting? Here are five signs you have what it takes to be one of the best:

1. You’re a Results-Driven Self-Starter

Recruiters have their eyes on the prize at all times. Every move they make is motivated by the ultimate goal: Fill that open role with the best possible candidate.

This internal motivation is all the best recruiters need. No one has to stand over a recruiter’s shoulder to make sure they’re doing what they need to do – which is good, considering there’s no one around to stand over a recruiter’s shoulder anyway. Even if you work for an agency, everyone else is busy trying to fill their own roles. It’s up to you to source candidates, make calls, set up appointments, and bring the candidate and client together.

2. You’re a Total People Person

You love social functions. You’re always the life of the party. Everyone in your building knows your name, thanks to your outgoing manner and warm smile.

If that sounds like you, recruiting could be your perfect job.

Recruiting is a deeply personal business. It’s your job to build strong relationships with both candidates and clients. You’ll meet new people on a daily basis, and you’ll have to earn their trust quickly. Socially butterflies can really fly high in this business.

That said, recruiting isn’t all sunshine and roses. You will have to deliver the occasional bit of bad news, such as when your client’s ideal candidate turns down an offer. Your people-person skills will come in handy here, too. You’ll have to be an empathetic and energizing presence as you help clients and candidates recover from the inevitable setbacks.

3. You Love Staying Busy

When people say “You’ll sleep when you’re dead,” they’re talking about you. You hate to sit around and veg out. You’d much rather be on the move, making things happen and putting your talents to use in a productive manner.

windowsRecruiters never get to take it easy. Their clients have pressing needs, so recruiters must spend every day juggling a number of tasks. No company wants its vacancy on the back burner, after all. Making calls, interviewing candidates, screening resumes, sourcing new talent, and taking on new jobs – it’s all in a day’s work for a recruiter.

If you find that whirlwind of activity more satisfying than draining, then your job in recruiting is calling!

4. You’re Always Making Connections

Do you get a little thrill from playing matchmaker? When you friend was thinking about starting a business, did you hook her up with the perfect business partner? When your brother mentioned he was interested in learning to play guitar, did you introduce him to your coworker who offers lessons on the side?

If introducing people in need to the people who can meet their needs is a source of satisfaction for you, you should know that recruiting is, essentially, matchmaking. Job seekers need jobs. Clients need candidates. You stand in the middle and set up the perfect pairings.

5. You’re Open-Minded

Successful recruiters are open-minded in a couple different senses of the word.

First, and perhaps most importantly, they know how to combat their unconscious biases. We all have such biases, and they can be especially problematic during the hiring process. No one wants to lose out on a great candidate for silly reasons like the candidate’s accent or sense of style – but it happens all the time. The best recruiters are aware of their biases, and they use this knowledge to ensure they are giving every candidate a fair shake.

Second, successful recruiters are open to trying new tactics, strategies, and technologies in order to source talent. They don’t cling rigidly to their routines. They understand that each role they fill requires its own unique approach, and they will choose the methods best suited for the task at hand. The best recruiters are also eager to get their hands on new technologies that can help them recruit more efficiently and effectively.

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