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Today’s Question: What are the top challenges of recruiting internationally?

The following answers were provided by members of’s “International Recruiting Discussion Group” on LinkedIn.

Kathleen1. The Timeline

My biggest challenge in recruiting [internationally] is the general timeline. It can take eight months to a year for a candidate to receive a Canadian work visa. In this time, the employer not only needs to keep a position open, but is also losing revenue while waiting. A lot can happen in eight months, so it is important to keep everyone current and engaged while we wait for the immigration department to process the documents.

Kathleen Kischer, Senior International Recruiter

eric2. The Complexity of the Process

The sheer complexity of hiring, onboarding, and compliantly employing people in foreign markets can slow or even stop an executive search placement. Every country has its challenges, and partnering with people and firms that can reduce the complexity can be immensely beneficial.

Eric Snethkamp, Global Channels and Strategic Alliances Manager, SafeGuard World International

Andrew3. Finding People Who Want to Relocate

The biggest challenge for us while sourcing international candidates is identifying whether or not a candidate is ready to relocate. If a candidate is open to relocation, though, it means that they’re ready for a job change, too.

Andrew Stetsenko, Founder, Relocate Me

Mohan4. Biases Toward Local Talent

One of the challenges for us is that employers don’t seem to prefer expatriates. First priority is often given to local professionals from the particular country.

Mohan Haritheertham, Chief Finance Executive, Laboratory & Allied

Duku5. Helping Candidates Maintain Work-Life Balance

One of the major challenges when recruiting internationally has always been dealing with work-life balance — especially the family issues that can be a major hindrance during relocation.

Duku Joseph, Client Relationship Manager, Exquisite Solution

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