Including your rideshare driving experience on your resume is an excellent way to showcase your skill set. The main challenge is translating your rideshare experience into applicable skills for your new job. This article will help you turn your experience driving for Uber or Lyft into valuable resume content.

Why You Should Include Rideshare Experience on Your Resume

When crafting their resumes, many drivers debate whether to include their rideshare gigs. I believe that they should.

There are many benefits that come with including your rideshare history on a resume. For example, it shows you are entrepreneurial. After all, your were running your own business as a rideshare driver. Including your rideshare work will also plug any gaps in your work history — which can be major red flags to recruiters and employers.

Just as important as the decision to include your rideshare work is how you present that experience. You’ll want to highlight the skills you gained and how they can be applied to a new role. For example, if you are applying for a sales position, focus on the customer service skills you developed while working as a rideshare driver.

How to Best Present Your Rideshare Experience

Keep in mind there are more aspects of rideshare work than most employers might realize. It is important to be explicit so that none of your skills go overlooked.

One example of an overlooked ridesharing skill is bookkeeping. If you’ve ever tracked mileage, noted expenses, and/or documented your income, you have experience as a bookkeeper. Multitasking is another skill that often goes overlooked in rideshare workers.

Let’s take a detailed look at the duties of a rideshare driver and discuss how the related skills can be highlighted on a resume. While you’re reading through this list, try to think of specific times when you performed these duties or used these skills yourself. This will help down the line when an interviewer asks for examples.

1. Efficiently Transporting Passengers

Successful drivers are efficient drivers, because efficiency means higher profits for a rideshare driver. Some examples of efficiency that can be included on a resume are:

- Optimizing vehicle position to reduce wait times
- Changing schedules to drive during peak times to take advantage of surge pricing
- Planning routes that go by the cheapest gas stations to minimize costs

Highlighting your efficiency shows that you are good at planning and organizing your daily routine. It also shows that you find innovative ways to maximize earnings and don’t waste time.

2. Customer Service

Rideshare drivers interact with customers every single day. Employers love seeing customer service and other people skills on a resume.

If possible, provide a specific example of how you’ve demonstrated customer service in your resume or cover letter. For instance, mention the time you dealt with a heavily intoxicated passenger. The ability to deal with aggressive customers is essential in some professions, like security guard or bartender.

It also might be worth mentioning your ability to stay level-headed during a traffic jam or emergency. Most people lose their cool when traffic gets bad. Noting that you are able to remain rational lets the employer know you are dependable in tough situations.

One great thing about highlighting customer service skills on your resume is that these skills are quantifiable: As a rideshare driver, you receive reviews and ratings after every ride. If you have a very high rating and glowing reviews, prominently displays those on your resume.

3. Maintaining a Clean and Presentable Vehicle

Not only is maintaining a clean vehicle a sign of professionalism, but it also shows you pay attention to detail. Furthermore, it demonstrates that you can be trusted with expensive equipment. If you are applying for a job as a machine operator on a construction site or in a warehouse with expensive equipment, this might be a particularly valuable addition to your resume.

4. Bookkeeping

As mentioned above, potential employers rarely consider the business side of ridesharing. Most people have no idea how much work goes into running a successful rideshare operation.

As a rideshare driver, you are an independent contractor. You are your own boss, and you run your own business. That means that you are responsible for tracking expenses, reporting income, and filing taxes.

Tracking mileage and expenses is essential to receiving the largest possible tax deduction. This skill is transferable to any occupation. If the job requires numbers of any kind —and what job doesn’t? — make sure to reference bookkeeping in your resume.

Drivers are also great at time management. Rideshare drivers do not have the luxury of wasting time. As part of your bookkeeping duties, you should be logging your hours and earnings to identify trends you could leverage to maximize your earnings. Explain this to an employer, and they will likely be wowed by your business acumen.

5. Multitasking

As every driver knows, multitasking correlates with profitability. At any given time, drivers are navigating busy streets, maintaining conversations, and keeping an eye on upcoming fares.

Being able to handle multiple tasks at once indicates to employers that you don’t get flustered when the pressure is on. It also shows that you can stay organized and focused no matter what happens.

Some employers look negatively at multitasking, preferring employees who focus on a single task at a time. If this is the case, reframe the conversation. Instead of saying you juggled multiple tasks at once, explain how you devised a system to stay organized so you didn’t overlook anything.

6. Recruiting Fellow Drivers — a.k.a., Marketing

Encouraging your friends to drive for your favorite rideshare app has several perks. The most obvious one is earning a referral bonus. A less obvious benefit is how this skill can add value to your resume.

Getting another person to take part in the rideshare business shows that you are an influencer with a serious sales and marketing mindset. If you can convince others to start driving for a living, you are a talented salesperson indeed.

Rideshare Resume Examples

Example No. 1

This first example uses a bulleted list that allows the reader (i.e., a hiring manager) to quickly scan your experience. The skills outlined here focus on the consumer-facing duties of a rideshare driver, as well as the business aspects. This example would be perfect for someone seeking employment in the customer service industry.

Rideshare Driver: May 2015 – June 2018

- Safely transported passengers to destinations across town.
- Stayed level-headed during encounters with aggressive and inebriated passengers. Used laughter to de-escalate potential disputes.
- Earned a 5-star driver rating by providing exceptional customer service.
- Multitasked in a high-pressure environment. Tasks included managing fares, navigating during heavy traffic, and maintaining customer satisfaction.
- Maintained a clean vehicle and a professional personal experience.
- Optimized positioning and schedule to reduce wait times and increase revenue.
- Handled all financial records, including tax-deductible expenses, mileage, and earnings.

Example No. 2

This next example uses a paragraph format rather than bullet points. It focuses on efficiency and the business side of rideshare driving. The points made on this resume could be adapted for someone looking for a more white-collar job in an office environment

Rideshare Driver: August 2014 – June 2018

Successfully completed more than 300 trips while running my own business. Maintained a driver rating of 4.95 stars for approximately 3 years. Achieving this rating required customer service, route planning, and organizational skills. As an independent contractor, I handled all operational duties associated with running a business. This includes bookkeeping and expense tracking. I also enhanced earnings by recruiting seven new drivers in one year.

Note how this example provides quantified figures that enhance the resume’s credibility.

Creating a Targeted Resume

When you’re drafting a new resume, do not hesitate to include the skills you learned as a rideshare driver. Keep in mind that your resume should focus on the information a specific potential employer wants to see. For example, if you want to become a truck driver, emphasize your ability to navigate well in new areas and stay level-headed during traffic jams. In a position like this, customer service skills might not be important to an employer. If that’s the case, either omit the skill entirely or frame the skill in a way that is applicable to the employer. For instance, you could say that you maintained an exceptional rapport with Uber’s support team. This shows that your people skills extend to your employers, not just your customers.

If you are unsure of how your skills translate to a particular job, highlight universal skills like multitasking, being detail-oriented, and bookkeeping.

It is important to think about how your skills as a rideshare driver transfer to a new workplace. When applying to multiple jobs, always review your resume and adapt it for each employer.

At the end of the day, remember that being a rideshare driver is nothing to be embarrassed about. You work hard. Being an independent contractor and remaining profitable takes a great deal of talent. The skills it takes to successfully be your own boss as a rideshare driver are transferable to all sorts of different careers.

Your work history can also serve as a unique conversation starter. Most interviewers won’t have experience working in the industry, so they will probably ask questions about your time as a driver to break the ice. Capitalize on this opportunity by sharing specific, engaging stories from your rideshare work that demonstrate your valuable skills.

Plus, being the only person with rideshare experience can make you stand out. If you and another candidate are equally qualified, your experience as a rideshare driver may give you the winning edge — especially if you have a few really good stories to share.

Brett Helling is the head of Ridester.

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