recruiter tipsIf you’re used to working within an established recruiting firm or if you have been away from the industry for a few years, virtual recruiting can seem daunting at first. How can you build a successful recruiting practice without the resources of an in-house recruiting team, technology/backoffice, or corporate structure? Especially if you are just striking out on your own, managing all of the processes surrounding recruiting can seem like a very daunting task.

The good news is that there are some great websites out there for finding organizational and administrative talent cheaply. You’re probably already familiar with online networking tools like LinkedIn and job sites like, but where else can you go on the web to find potential candidates to supplement your recruitment operations without paying huge fees? Here are a few websites that every virtual recruiter needs to have at their fingertips.

These sites are good not only for filling your own administrative needs for your operations, but you may also find be able to find a candidate or two for your open client orders.

1. is a website for companies to hire online freelancers directly for contract work for specific projects, but it can be a great talent pool for virtual recruiters as well. Freelance writers, designers, photographers, programmers and other creative talent have flocked to to find contract work, and you can dip into this talent pool to fill your positions or supplement your creative and technical operations. All the freelancers on Elance also go through rigorous testing to ensure that they can deliver on their promises and that they understand the ethics of virtual contract work.

2. is another virtual workplace website where companies can hire professionals for virtual contract work on an hourly basis. Companies can hire directly from the website to complete a project, but virtual recruiters can also find the talent that their client is looking for. Odesk features talented professionals such as graphic designers, web programmers, software developers, writers, accountants, database administrators, CAD designers, audio and video professionals and more. Their talent pool is so wide that you can find candidates for many different types of positions in one place. It’s most suitable for contract work if you have a very task-specific project come up.


Like Elance and Odesk, is a websites for freelance professionals to find work online. Although this website bills itself as a way for small businesses to outsource work, boasts over two million professionals looking for work on their website, and virtual recruiters can find great candidates. The job seekers on this website are also familiar with working virtually, so your clients can feel confident that the candidate will be able to deliver.

4. Craigslist

You may think that Craigslist is just for buying used furniture, but many creative professionals use this popular online classifieds site to find work. Even as a virtual recruiter, you may need to fill an on-site position with a company in your area, and Craigslist can help you find talent in your area. You may even be able to supplement your recruiting efforts by posting jobs that are highly administrative (like certain sourcing or data entry tasks.)

While these websites may all have the freelance theme, the vast majority of freelancers are offing their virtual services as a way to fill the gaps between full-time employment opportunities. With this in mind, some creativity on your part can make these sites a useful tool for filling both the needs of your recruiting operations and perhaps even for your full-time and contract openings with your clients.

If you are setting off on your own as a recruiter or developing your operations, be aware that your time is money – efficiently delegating tasks and getting work done is the only way to scale your operations. Using freelancers and other virtual work resources is often a very attractive alternative to hiring staff, in particular when you are bootstrapping your first recruiting company on your own nickel. The types of sites won’t likely get you your next great recruiting salesperson or sourcer, but they can help you grow your company and operations while giving you the time to do what you do best. Good luck!

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