Interview Techniques that Work

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Find interview tips and techniques for both job applicants and HR professionals.

Employers that develop effective interview techniques can save themselves the incredible expense of turnover. By incorporating the proper psychological testing with well placed questions, recruiters and HR professionals can zero in on talent and make better matches for open jobs. Use our recruiting resources and articles on interviewing best practices to advance your skills and learn the latest techniques for assessing candidates.

For candidates, the art of the interview is a skill learned only through practice and preparation. Though obtaining an interview is a victory in and of itself, interview performance and the ability to sell oneself to a potential employer is a vital factor in any job search. Though interviewing is a learned skill, there are several interview techniques that are useful in the development of the skill.

One of the most useful means of learning how to interview is to interview. Limiting a job search limits the potential to hone interviewing skills. By applying to jobs not necessarily preferred and interviewing as much as possible, the skills necessary to refine interview performance will develop at an increased rate. Frequent interviews may also uncover unknown opportunities, new job trends, or even new positions.

Another valuable interview technique is to develop an interesting human story. Sharing a well-developed story is a powerful way to describe the path to the interview. It places achievements, goals, and personality into context and helps to set an individual apart from others. The focus of the story should be on memorable moments that are relatable to the position and on career path reflections that demonstrate motivations and passions.

A useful preparation technique is to anticipate probable questions by reviewing all available information about the interviewing organization and about the specific position being interviewed for. Creating sample questions may also help to reveal the best approach to answer certain question types and to become familiarized with the interviewing process. Additionally, interview techniques such as preparing a pre-made list of questions for the interviewer and implementing them into a loose script help to give structure to the process and give the interviewee more of a sense of control.
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