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A career in recruiting can be lucrative, especially for professionals in niche and executive recruitment. Corporate recruiters are typically paid through normal salaried compensation, while executive and agency recruiters generate commissions through candidate placements. Third party and agency recruiters tend to have highly variable compensation, while corporate recruiters' salary tends toward stability based on tenure.

Recruiter salaries can vary depending on locations and companies. Financial compensation that recruiter's receive can also depend on the amount of responsibility that the individual is tasked with. A form of compensation is usually required in every job position except if the position in question is a volunteer position. If working full-time for an organization, a fixed salary structure may be used to provide compensation to recruiters. However, there are also other kinds of compensation structures that may be applied to recruiter positions and responsibilities. For instance, a recruiter who is part of an employment or placement agency may be placed on a commission-based salary structure which is similar to sales commission structures.

Salary structures are dependent on the organization that employs the recruiter. With inflation and yearly changes, the basic salary range for any position can continue to increase. For recruiter salaries, average salaries are about $55,000, with a high variance and range depending on the location where the recruiters are located and their experience level. Typically, companies that hire or need recruiters will most likely keep their employment packages favorable and competitive. Hence, whatever the salary an individual gets offered, there is the tendency or likelihood that it will matched to current salary offerings for that environment.

The recruitment field is a very vibrant profession that will always have the need for staff that will help organizations source for qualified job candidates. With the constant need for recruiters, competitive salaries will continue to exist. In fields or industries that require highly technical or really scarce talent, compensations packages may be even higher. In general, compensation for recruiters on the upper level of their profession tends to mirror that of the type of candidates that they place.
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