Inside Recruiting Aug 10, 2020
Proportional Prejudice: How Diversifying Your Applicant Pool Can Lead to a Less Diverse Workforce

We know certain types of jobs tend to be held by more men than women, or vice versa. Programming jobs, for instance, are notoriously male-dominated, while positions in human resources are often populated by women. The managers we speak with and consult for are often aware of this imbalance and want to remedy it. One common fix we hear is to recruit candidates more broadly. In other words,...

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Hiring for Fit With Data, Not Your Gut

It is common to say, "Trust your gut!" when it comes to hiring. A hiring manager's intuition can often be a make-or-break factor in determining a candidate's fit. However, gut instinct isn't always reliable, and it's rarely supported by data. Instead of relying on such a flawed measure, hiring teams need to screen for candidate fit in a way that can be analyzed and compared, a way that...

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Hiring a Software Developer in India Is Not as Easy as You Think

In addition to boasting one of the largest software development talent pools in the world, India sports some of the most ambitious, innovative developers you can find. Despite the size of the software development offshoring industry, tapping this talent pool is often easier said than done. The recruiting process in India is not as simple as you might think. If you really want to...

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The Employee Experience Matters as Much as the Customer Experience — Start Investing in It Today

In a 2014 interview with ToyNews, LEGO designer Samuel Thomas Johnson recounted his unique journey to landing a job with the world-famous toy company. Growing up, Johnson had always wanted to work for LEGO. His passion was so strong that, when he was 8 years old, he wrote a letter to the company to express his dream of getting a job there and to ask how he could make that dream a reality....

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Success Aug 4, 2020
5 Ways Women Can Support Each Other at Work

Article by Katherine Fusco We've all heard the narrative, the one about the senior woman who doesn't support women below her. (We hear quite a bit less about the battles that senior woman fought and the toll they have taken.) We know, too, about the mansplainers, the low-key harassers, and the underminers young women face at work. Some women might object to the premise of this article....

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Smart Tech Aug 4, 2020
How Conversational AI Is Driving the Evolution of HR and Recruiting

As anyone who has taken part in the recruiting process knows, it's all too easy to get buried under an influx of not-so-qualified applicants, forcing you to spend countless hours screening resumes to identify that handful of candidates who merit interviews. Lately, however, new advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have arrived to assist HR pros and recruiters in their...

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Success Aug 3, 2020
Growth Mindset and the MBTI: Your Personality Type Is Not the Whole Story

Taking the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment to identify your personality type is an important self-awareness opportunity, but it doesn't tell the whole story of who you are. This is especially the case for people with growth mindsets. The concept of a growth mindset and its opposite, a fixed mindset, was developed by the psychologist Carol Dweck. According to Dweck's...

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The Innovators Jul 31, 2020
Expanding Your Anti-Racist Managerial Toolkit: How 'Human Check-Ins' Can Build a Better Workplace

I have started every meeting I have facilitated for my direct staff the same way for the past seven years: with a human check-in. A human check-in gives each attendee an opportunity to share something that is on their mind. In increments of just about a minute each, team members have celebrated a new car purchase or wedding anniversaries; recounted illnesses of pets and family members;...

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Smart Tech Jul 30, 2020
How to Cut Business Costs by Employing a Remote Workforce

As we have seen over recent months, it is possible for your business to get more mileage out of its current budget without digging into gigabytes of data (though data mining and workflow optimization offer one way to boost profits). More and more companies are ending their leases and transitioning to remote workforces. By transitioning to and operating as a remote workforce, your...

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Inside Recruiting Jul 30, 2020
Stay Flexible: How to Hire Globally in a Post-Pandemic World

Businesses, communities, and even entire regions of the world are cautiously peeking out from pandemic-imposed isolation, looking for any and all signs of normalcy. Indicators are visible and businesses are beginning to open up, intent on reaching goals and moving forward — albeit in a brand new economic and social environment. The recovery starts with people. HR departments must first...

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The Innovators Jul 29, 2020
How to Cultivate Employee Loyalty During COVID-19 and Beyond

American commerce has long been grounded in a kind of Darwinism: It's about the survival of the fittest in an expansive and cutthroat economic ecosystem. The strongest companies survive; the weak go extinct. It used to be that creating an economic powerhouse meant reducing employees to numbers on a chart; looking at dollar signs and profit margins; and shedding the weight of unnecessary...

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Inside Recruiting Jul 29, 2020
Does Your Company's Online Reputation Hinder Your Recruiting Efforts?

No hiring manager aims for average employees. They want the crème de la crème, top performers who will stay with the company for a long time. To attract those candidates, you need to build an employer brand that speaks to their needs. According to Gallup, highly qualified candidates look for very specific qualities in a potential employer. You won't find salary, benefits, or free coffee...

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Success Jul 28, 2020
6 Things to Do If You Feel Overwhelmed With Work

Article by Tyler Hicks It's one of the best problems an entrepreneur can have: too much work. You put in the time, you built your business, and now clients are clamoring for your talents. It can feel like staring down a daunting ski slope: You know it's going to be a fun ride, and it took a lot of time and effort to lug your skis up the mountain, but now you're worried about the...

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Smart Tech Jul 28, 2020
Productivity Hack: How to Find Your Most Productive Hours

Not all hours of the day are equal when it comes to productive work. (There may be some coffee infusion involved, but let's put that aside for the moment.) Some people are morning types who thrive on getting up early, jumping out of bed, and starting on work right away. Some people are night owls who struggle through the morning and daytime hours but produce quality work when burning the...

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Smart Tech Jul 28, 2020
Intelligent Recruiting: How AI Is Ushering in the Next Phase of Hiring

Talent management is in a period of transition. Now, more than ever, businesses need ways to examine their workforces and inform their decisions with data-driven insights targeted at specific business impacts. Companies are looking to fill defined needs with the best talent and retain that talent. During times of uncertainty and change, talent remains a priority. A business is only as...

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Inside Recruiting Jul 27, 2020
How Recruiters Can Show Up for Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

In light of recent events across the United States, we have spent the last few weeks reflecting on our work experiences and wondering how we can show up as individual contributors to enable the change that is long overdue in our country. We have come to realize that, in our role as independent recruiters and as female business owners, we have an opportunity to make a distinct difference....

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Smart Tech Jul 24, 2020
Turn Your Recruiting Event Virtual: 4 Top Tips for Success

COVID-19 has disrupted the internal operations of business around the world, forcing many organizations to rethink their talent acquisition strategies. Before the pandemic, in-person recruiting events were a common, effective tool in a hiring manager's belt. With social distancing guidelines in place and large gatherings banned in many locales, these types of events are no longer an...

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Inside Recruiting Jul 23, 2020
Respecting Transgender Rights in the Workplace: What Employers Should Know in the Wake of Bostock v. Clayton County

Although transgender rights have become part of the national conversation in recent years, significant confusion around the topic still remains. The subject was brought further into the spotlight on June 15, 2020, when Judge Neil Gorsuch delivered a landmark US Supreme Court decision in Bostock v. Clayton County, declaring it illegal for employers to discriminate against LGBTQ...

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Smart Tech Jul 23, 2020
How to Increase Operational Efficiency Using ActivTrak

When your teams are working remotely, keeping track of projects and employee productivity can be challenging. However, even while working remotely, you can keep your focus on increasing operational efficiency. With ActivTrak, you can get a detailed view of employee processes and pain points when everyone is working off site. Our easy-to-use remote workforce analytics tools can help reveal...

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Inside Recruiting Jul 23, 2020
Don't Get Duped: How to Tell When a Candidate Is Lying on a Resume

It's not uncommon for people to exaggerate on their resumes — or lie outright. While it's not exactly breaking the law, there are still ramifications for both the potential employer and the job seeker who is lying. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused many to lose their jobs, desperate job seekers may feel more and more compelled to stretch the truth on their resumes....

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Inside Recruiting Jul 22, 2020
Remember Your ABCs: Moving From Theory to Practice When Recruiting for Executive Diversity

Scanning the headlines today, you will undoubtedly come across stories about the need to build diverse workforces at all organizational levels, particularly the C-suite. The conversation has been driven in large part by the strength of the Black Lives Matter movement, in addition to recent legislation — including California's Senate Bill (SB) 826 requiring public companies to find female...

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Smart Tech Jul 22, 2020
Is It Okay to Track Your Employees' Whereabouts?

Does a company have the right to track the whereabouts of its employee? Employee locations have massive tax and legal implications for employers. For instance, if an employee worked two weeks in New York City each year, their company must legally withhold NY taxes from their paycheck. If an employee stays 183 days or more in the United Kingdom, they are required to file taxes as a...

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Smart Tech Jul 21, 2020
You Can't Improve What You Don't Measure: Using Workforce Analytics to Drive Productivity

Can you prove that your employees are productive and efficient? The father of modern business management, Peter Drucker, is often attributed with a saying: "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it." On the surface, the quote seems obvious. Without goal posts, how will you know if you're winning? But it goes deeper than that: Even if you are winning, do you know why you are winning...

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Inside Recruiting Jul 21, 2020
Accepting Our Limits: What Malcolm Gladwell Can Teach Us About Recruiting

Most recruiters — myself included — think they have a better than average ability to understand people. We think that by meeting someone, shaking their hand, and looking into their eyes, we can get a grasp on who they are, how they feel, and what their motives are. But we're wrong. Strangers are complex. Any meeting of strangers — like, say, a job interview — is almost guaranteed...

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Success Jul 21, 2020
15 Tips for Channeling Your Passion Into Execution

Article by YEC Entrepreneurs tend to have a lot of big ideas they're truly passionate about. The challenge, of course, is buckling down and channeling that passion into an actionable plan to bring an idea to life. That's why we asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council for some practical approaches to channeling passion into execution. Here's their advice: 1. Be...

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The Innovators Jul 20, 2020
What Really Matters: Using Design Thinking to Elevate Your Employee Experience

According to The Predictive Index's 2020 Talent Optimization Report, employee performance is a top concern for executives across industries. This speaks to a widespread awareness of the critical role employees play in delivering on business strategies and brand promises. Given how vital employees are to company success, the employee experience should be treated with as much care as the...

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The Innovators Jul 17, 2020
Managing a Remote Global Mobility and Immigration Program in a Pandemic: 3 Best Practices

With COVID-19 driving unprecedented business disruptions, many companies have begun to adopt long-term remote work policies that meet the needs of their workers while allowing for business continuity. That said, the shift to remote work has not been without its challenges — particularly for HR and immigration professionals. In an environment of social distancing and restricted travel...

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The Innovators Jul 16, 2020
How to Help Employees Fight Return-to-Work Anxiety in a COVID World

While the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, people across the US are returning to work. And they are worried about it. My company, Articulate, recently conducted a survey of employee attitudes toward reopening, and we found that two out of three people in the US are anxious about reentering the workplace. Compounding their anxiety is the fact that they don't know what to expect: Only...

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Inside Recruiting Jul 16, 2020
Workplace Age Discrimination Is Unacceptable — and Very Real

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 prohibits employers from displaying bias against most applicants and employees 40 or older with regard to hiring and firing, promotions, compensation, or terms and conditions of employment. Despite this law being on the books for more than half a century, today's older workers still face bias and discrimination. Examples range from...

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Smart Tech Jul 16, 2020
What Is Productivity in the Workplace?

Most employees want to be productive. There's a sense of accomplishment when one's work is done quickly and efficiently. Employees are further rewarded when they learn how impactful their roles are in helping the company reach its goals. To help employees achieve high levels of productivity, management teams can analyze data points around speed, efficiency, customer satisfaction,...

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Inside Recruiting Jul 15, 2020
Confessions of a Corporate Talent Acquisition Leader: How Do You Recruit the Recruiters?

How an organization approaches recruitment is foundational to its success. If you are a talent acquisition leader, you understand this. An organization that aligns its recruiting process with the business itself will drive powerful hiring results, but companies with immature recruitment processes open up a Pandora's box of potential pitfalls for themselves. In the current climate, a...

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Smart Tech Jul 15, 2020
How COVID-19 Is Accelerating the Virtualization of Hiring

The COVID-19 crisis has thrown the staffing industry a significant curve ball, just as it has the rest of the economy. However, with modern automation and virtualization tools, hiring can continue unaffected and with significant advantages over traditional in-person processes. Adversity breeds opportunity and innovation, and many companies are now embracing new technology that will power...

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Inside Recruiting Jul 14, 2020
Culture Fit vs. Inclusion: What Matters More in Hiring?

These days, cultural fit is a key component of many hiring decisions. It's understandable why: Workers who align with the cultures of their companies tend to be more satisfied with their jobs, and therefore, they are more likely to stay with the company for a longer time and produce superior work. But culture-fit hiring is not without its downsides. Key among them is the fact that hiring for...

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Success Jul 14, 2020
Unlocking the Power of Self-Awareness

Article by Christopher Cook As we begin to emerge from an unprecedentedly challenging time in global history, one of the best personal growth practices we should all pursue is cultivating a healthy amount of self-awareness in our everyday lives and our personal and professional pursuits. Put simply, without self-awareness, we are tricking ourselves into living out life through the...

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Smart Tech Jul 13, 2020
Remote Workforce Analytics: Top 5 Reasons Why More Visibility Helps Your Remote Teams

Having visibility into a team's processes and projects is important to every manager. However, when you're managing a remote team, visibility becomes even more critical. How can you guide your staff on priorities and deadlines when you aren't sure what's actually going on behind the scenes? With remote workforces, simply getting work done isn't enough. Inefficient processes become more...

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Inside Recruiting Jul 13, 2020
Shifting Your Recruiting Strategy for an Employer-Driven Market

Around the world, recruiters are adopting to changing economic conditions. Hiring freezes and layoffs have swept across virtually every industry, and as the lockdowns slowly lift, organizations are looking for affordable ways to resume operations. As companies turn to Darwinian strategies to stay afloat through all the turmoil, employees are either losing their jobs or, at the very least,...

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The Innovators Jul 10, 2020
You Don't Have to Wait for the Government to Tell You How to Take Care of Employees

One of the few silver linings of COVID-19 has been the very welcome, and long overdue, recognition given to workers who were once underappreciated in our society. Unfortunately, this increased appreciation has not always translated to adequate compensation or sufficient measures to keep workers safe, and many workers have had to fight for better protection and/or pay. Nevertheless, the...

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The Innovators Jul 9, 2020
Listening Is Essential Work, Whether There's a Crisis or Not

The common thread in both the COVID-19 pandemic and the racial unrest sweeping America is that both crises happened because leaders failed to do one thing: listen. With coronavirus, the failure was immediate, hobbling what should have been an effective early response. In the case of the racial-justice protests, the failure to listen compounded over decades of police abuses, and the dam...

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Bullhorn Surveyed 800 Recruiters. Here Are Their Predictions for the Second Half of 2020.

As we enter the second half of 2020, the beginning of the year already feels like a distant memory. So much has changed so quickly, and one might assume the priorities and challenges for staffing and recruiting businesses today are worlds apart from what they were just six months ago. While there's no doubt that the landscape has changed dramatically, the industry is still all about...

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Success Jul 8, 2020
Job Scam or Legit Opportunity? 5 Red Flags to Look Out For

According to a report from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), job scams were the riskiest scams facing consumers in 2019. The BBB assesses scam risk along three dimensions: how prevalent a scam is, how likely consumers are to lose money to a scam, and the average amount of money lost to a scam. Along those lines, the BBB found that job scams account for 9.3 percent of the scams encountered...

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Success Jul 8, 2020
Negotiating During the Pandemic: 4 Keys to Success

These are shaky times for the US economy. In April, a record 20.5 million jobs were lost, driving the unemployment rate to 14.7 percent — numbers we haven't seen since the Great Depression. The economy received a boost from increasing employment numbers in May, but the job market is likely to need more time to fully recover from this pandemic. Unfortunately, people can't sit just...

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Top 5 Tips to Effectively Manage a Remote Workforce

Even before COVID-19 took the world by storm, giving everyone a "new normal," remote work was already on the rise. Prior to the global pandemic a study by Upwork from their Future Workplace Report found that 5x the number of hiring managers expect more of their team to work remotely in the next 10-years. Now, given the new state of the world, every company that can has been forced to...

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The Innovators Jul 7, 2020
Could a 4-Day Workweek Solve Employee Burnout During the COVID-19 Crisis?

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused nearly every aspect of everyday life to come to an unprecedented halt. We have never before had to shutter our entire economy for something that we cannot see with the naked eye. Businesses with in-office workforces were forced to quickly shift to fully remote operations. This sudden and dramatic change has presented us all with a set of stressful...

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Onboarding in the Age of Social Distancing: 4 Best Practices to Follow

It's no secret that onboarding can be a strenuous task even under the best of circumstances. In fact, research indicates the average new hire is required to complete 54 activities during the course of a typical onboarding experience. That's a substantial undertaking­­ for both new employees and their employers. Add a global pandemic to the mix, and the onboarding process can become even...

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The Innovators Jul 6, 2020
Before Using Internal Competition to Improve Employee Engagement, You Need to Answer These Questions

A little healthy competition is a good thing — under the right circumstances and with the right people. In many industries, internal competition has long been used to increase everything from productivity to profits. But what about using competition as part of your employee engagement strategy? Does pitting individual workers against each other really increase engagement across the...

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To Recruit Successful Sales Reps, You Must First Recruit Great Sales Leaders

When sales reps are hunting for a new job, they're looking for more than just robust compensation packages and quality products. Of course, these two factors are key attractors for many quality candidates, but the best sales reps want more. To succeed and be satisfied in their roles, they also want to work for great leaders who set an example and support them on their paths. To an...

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Increased Post-COVID Demand Threatens to Make the Trucker Shortage Worse

For years, there has been a national shortage of interstate long-haul truck drivers — and the COVID-19 crisis has only compounded the problem. As supply chains were interrupted by company closures in response to government directives, demand for truckers who could transfer and deliver business and consumer goods skyrocketed. At the same time, state driver's license agencies shuttered,...

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Don't Let Cultural Snafus Sink Your Global Remote Workforce

As businesses start to embrace global remote workforces, one of the challenges they must deal with is managing employees spread across different geographies. It's important to understand that this task involves much more than just being considerate of different time zones. For a global remote workforce to be truly successful, organizations must also take into account important differences in...

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