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Find recruiting tips and recruiting strategies to help you be a better recruiter, make more placements, stay on top of recruiting technology trends,and stay motivated. Learn about recruiting industry trends and best practices for both corporate and agency recruiters.
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Recruiting tips are essential for employers as they help them identify best practices and processes of employee recruitment. Finding employees to suit the job, work environment and work culture is a challenging job for employers. As such, each organization should follow a proven process for candidate selection and recruitment. Employee recruitment processes should enable employers to efficiently attract, as well as find, the most promising prospective employees for their organization .

The first step of employee recruitment, after the job posting, is resume solicitation and selection. Because it is impossible to go through what may amount to thousands of delivered resumes, the best process is to batch-select those that come in during one week or so or whenever the manageable number accumulate-whether or not resume-scanning software is utilized or whether all resumes are manually reviewed.

It is essential to clearly set qualification standards, .e.g., based on educational and professional qualifications and skills to avoid attracting unsuitable resumes that will merely consume time and energy.

A superficial or rushed interview process can be costly. Hence, multiple interviews may be advisable, including-especially when there are logistical obstacles to in-person interviews-phone, Skype or other formats. A phone interview is helpful to clarify the primary employee requirements, such as salary, working hours, job responsibilities, etc. Each phase of the interview should have clear goals that are integral to the overall process. Where resources allow, interviewing and screening by more than one trusted professional may warrant consideration.
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