5 Free Job Posting Sites

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For job seekers, there are many free job posting sites available for job search. Have you been looking for a job?  How long have you been looking?  If you are using just the traditional methods of finding a job through company websites and handing in or faxing in a physical resume, then you could be missing out on a whole world of opportunities!

There are some job posting websites that charge job seekers a fee for their services. While they may offer great service and be able to connect thousands of people with the job of their dreams, sometimes the services are not cost-effective and, in the current economy, people are trying to be a little more conscientious about how and where they are spending their money. Fortunately, there are a number of free job posting sites that can offer you an ocean of opportunity and get you noticed so you’ll be landing that stellar interview at your dream company in no time.  Here’s our top five free job posting sites:


Indeed lets job seekers search through millions of jobs from direct employers, without any charge. It acts like a search engine for jobs, very much like Google. You have to click into most jobs to go to each employer’s career website, but it offers very comprehensive job search results – especially among top employers.


The website offers great resources to employers and job seekers who are looking for the perfect fit. You can sign up and look around, post your resume and apply for jobs, completely free. Best of all, this website offers job alerts and an employment directory;  not only will you be notified of interesting jobs, but you can also take a look through the directory to see if companies like Google or Microsoft are looking for someone just like you.


Another fantastic free site with a hilarious name, FindAJobAlready, matches job seekers with positions that are just right for them.  Simply enter the job title that you’re looking for (or a keyword) and your zip code and you’re whisked off to the land of abundant job opportunity. Boasting clients like Home Depot, Wal-Mart and Target, this is a great free resource for job seekers and employers alike.


This website currently has almost one million resumes within its database and a quarter of a million jobs posted.  This site also offers job alerts and lets you create an account for free!  Upload your resume and get started, your dream job awaits!


As one of the leading job boards, Monster.com comes as no surprise. You can create a free account and look through jobs where you live or across the country.  Upload your resume and cover letter for employers to find or setup a job alert to let you know when the industry you’re looking to work in is looking has open positions.

Don’t see your favorite free site listed? Share the job posting sites you typically browse below. (Note: this article was updated on 7/30/15 to include more job posting sites.)

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