7 Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Recruiter

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In 2021, 9% of adults in the United States classified themselves as gig workers or freelancers. This means that more and more people are turning to the Gig Economy as a source of income, and recruiters are no exception.

While some companies are struggling to find recruiters, one solution could be to hire a freelance recruiter. While this person won’t be on your internal payroll, they can still bring all kinds of benefits to your business.

Sometimes they even have an advantage over an internal recruiter. Keep reading to discover all the benefits of using freelance recruiters in your recruitment solution.


One of the best things about working with a freelance recruiter is that there is more flexibility. Even if you have an internal recruiter, they can be a great addition to your human resources team.

Freelance recruiters can search the job market for potential candidates and set up interviews with the top applicants to fill an open role in your position. These recruiters will also source candidates for their clients while you’re busy working on other tasks and projects.

You can have more free time to do other work and focus on other assignments. You can also hire these recruiters on an as-needed basis to help you scale your hiring process if you need to grow your company rapidly.

Competitive Pricing

One of the best financial decisions you can make for your business includes hiring a recruiter for freelance work. When you compare the salary and benefits of paying a full-time employee to hiring a freelancer, you’ll realize that you’ll be able to save a lot more money. You’ll save on office space, equipment, health insurance, office supplies, training, and any other overhead costs.

You’ll also avoid paying for wasted hours at work. While freelance recruiters might check social media or take breaks while recruiting for your company, you’ll only have to pay for the freelancer for hours that they worked on your project.

However, if you find a recruiter who charges by the hour, you might have to pay a little more. However, the recruiter might then be incentivized to finish the project as quickly as possible in order to get paid.

When you hire a recruiter, there are usually three different pricing types that they could charge you.

They may ask for a flat rate, which is when you’ll pay for the time based on the day or the hour. Some of them could charge you on a contingency model. That means you need to hire a candidate they find, and the candidate needs to work through a trial period before the recruiter gets paid.

Some freelance recruiters will also work on a retainer model. You’ll pay for them based on milestones, and this usually is a percentage of the new hire’s salary along with a fixed fee.

Expanded Reach

When you have an internal recruiter, they’ll only be able to pull talent from a specific pool of applicants. However, when you hire freelance roles for your HR, you’ll get access to another pool of talent.

The recruiter can help you improve diversity efforts at your business, but it will also help your company be competitive and grab top talent.

You may even want to consider hiring a freelance recruiter in a different area than you are. Doing this will only work if you are looking for a remote employee, but you could have instant access to more candidates that aren’t in the immediate area of your business.

More Expertise

Regardless of how brilliant your internal recruiter is, sometimes your business will grow, and you’ll need additional expertise.

For example, your internal recruiter might have an excellent general knowledge of a career they recruit for. But if you need to hire for a specialized engineering role, it might make sense to reach out to a freelance recruiter who has that expertise.

If a candidate talks with your recruiter and realizes they don’t know much about engineering, they may be turned off to the whole position, and you could lose great talent. That’s why it makes sense to have someone who works in a highly specialized field and has excellent communication skills and knowledge of the position.

When trying to find a specialized recruiter, ask them what their experience is and what companies they have recruited for. Do they have experience recruiting for companies in a similar industry? They may be able to help you find your next top candidate.


Typically, freelancers are experts in their field, and they’re also used to working with almost no supervision. This means that they have the potential to be more efficient.

You also won’t have to spend as much time training them as you would with a new internal hire, so you’ll save time and have someone who can start recruiting for you on day one.

Plus, a freelancer’s income is dependent on how many people they can recruit for your open positions. So it’s in their best interest to be efficient and try to fill as many open positions as possible.

If you have positions that need to be filled as soon as possible, hiring a freelance recruiter who can hit the ground running is better.

Reduce Risk

Hiring freelancers also reduces the risks associated with having some internal recruiters. Freelancers don’t have the right to employment insurance, and they honestly don’t have the right to different compensation benefits. They can’t sue for unfair dismissal, discrimination, or harassment. You don’t have to worry too much if they will be a culture and company match.

So if something goes wrong, you can wait until they finish their contract and then find a new recruiter that is better suited to your company.

Even if you don’t need someone to replace your internal recruiting team completely, you might want to hire someone to do some administrative tasks to free up your internal team.

Quick Staffing

Do you have a lot of positions that suddenly opened up? During the Great Resignation, employees are leaving as quickly as possible, leaving many companies struggling to recruit talent. If you need a quick fix to this problem, freelancers can help.

They’re great at dealing with quick deadlines and rushed assignments, and some also don’t follow traditional holiday schedules. They might be able to work at times when your regular staff has time off, so you can have someone working for your company around the clock.

Because of this, they can often find candidates that will fill your positions in a shorter time than an internal recruiter might be able to.

Hire a Freelance Recruiter Today

If all of these benefits sound great to you, you should start looking for a freelance recruiter to hire for your business.

Thankfully, Recruiter.com has you covered. We have recruiters that you can hire monthly, as-needed basis to scale your hiring efforts up or down and fill your next job.

We also have a job board specifically for recruiters where you can post openings for internal or freelance recruiter jobs.

Contact us today to figure out which recruiting solution is the best option for you.


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