Andy Bailey

Andy Bailey is the founder and CEO of business coaching firm Petra Coach and the author of the Amazon best-seller, "No Try Only Do: Building a Business on Purpose, Alignment, and Accountability," and a new book, "Vitamin B (for Business)." He serves in an advisory role on the Gazelles Council, the leaders of the Scale Up movement.

The Innovators March 4, 2020
3 Ways to Make Giving a Part of Your Company Culture Year-Round 

Doing good and good business are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, good business relies on goodwill. Gallup polls consistently show that roughly 70 percent of US employees are not engaged in their work. That's terrifying. Low engagement means low productivity, high turnover, and overall stagnation — or worse, decline. One thing proven to boost engagement is corporate giving....

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The Innovators December 30, 2019
Getting Back on Track: 6 Steps to Successfully Coach Problem Employees

Every leader eventually has to deal with a problem employee. It's inevitable. In my experience, executives generally do one of two things in this situation — and neither is ideal. They either take the easy way out and ignore the problem, or they overreact and fire the difficult employee. While I'm a big supporter of hiring slow, firing fast, and only hiring A players, I also believe...

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The Innovators May 20, 2019
A Millennial-Friendly Workplace Is All About Getting the Values Right

Millennials. Chances are you manage at least one. You may even be one yourself! Poised to make up 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025, this generation of future company leaders has a lot to learn from — and give to — your organization. Yes, Generation Y — definitions vary, but for our purposes, we're considering that to include everyone born between 1980 and 2000 —...

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Inside Recruiting October 20, 2016
Your Step-by-Step Recipe for Finding (and Hiring) A-Players

There's no single ingredient to success more important than people. That's why, as a business leader, you should take the time to carefully choose whom you surround yourself with on a daily basis. You'll likely spend more time with them than you spend with members of your own family. Your team members are the ones you'll introduce to your clients, and you'll rely on them to represent your...

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The Innovators May 27, 2016
With Every House Comes a Mortgage: Why Success Is Never Achieved Without Payment in Full

Who doesn't enjoy a Sunday afternoon drive? When the sun is shining and the chores are done, a winding ride through your neighborhood can be a great way to relax. Streets lined with white picket fences divide perfectly manicured lawns in front of big, beautiful houses. You probably have a couple favorites and think about how convenient a three-car garage would be or all the time you'd save if...

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