Brad Schneider

Brad Schneider, PhD, is the VP of strategic consulting at Criteria, an assessment company dedicated to helping organizations make better talent decisions using objective, multidimensional data. He leads many of Criteria's product development, R&D, and consulting initiatives to provide clients with leading-edge solutions that drive meaningful and measurable results. Brad's 25 years of assessment experience include leadership and consulting positions with global consulting firms, Fortune 100 organizations, and government agencies. In addition to leading assessment initiatives across more than 400 clients in virtually all industries, Brad has designed innovative assessment offerings (tests, interviews, simulations, job analysis methodologies) leveraged by more than 200 organizations worldwide and translated into eight languages. He recently became the president of the LA Chapter for Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Brad holds a PhD and MS in industrial and organizational psychology from Florida International University, an MA in applied psychology from the University of Tulsa, and a BA in psychology from Washington University in St. Louis.

Inside Recruiting July 7, 2021
Don't Hire Based on Job Title — Hire Based on Business Strategy

In today's business environment, where millions of open positions remain unfilled and labor shortages abound, hiring right is more critical than ever. Yet, many organizations are woefully shortsighted in their hiring decisions, ignoring the very business strategies that differentiate their companies in a competitive market. Hiring is so much more than just filling empty seats, and hiring...

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Inside Recruiting February 3, 2021
One Wrong Hire Can Ruin a Small Business. Can Preemployment Assessments Help?

Although it's difficult to think of anything more integral to a business's success than the quality of its employees, many selection processes are fraught with risks and challenges. Hiring and onboarding employees requires significant resources and all too often results in failure: new hires who take an excessive amount of time to ramp up, are ultimately unsuccessful on the job, and turn...

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Inside Recruiting January 5, 2021
The 6 Qualities to Look for in Entry-Level Candidates

There are several challenges that work against hiring managers who choose to rely on resumes as a means of hiring their next employee. Resumes are wrought with inaccuracies; they're inherently biased, backward-looking, and essentially blank in the case of early-career candidates. Given resumes' limited value, hiring managers are best served assessing early-career candidates in a different...

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