Brian Moore

Serving as CEO of Loyal Source Government Services, Brian Moore is a recognized creative-solutions and results-oriented leader. Known as the authoritative driver for the continued and extremely successful navigation of the ever-changing staffing and government services industry economic landscape, Moore's expert analysis of changing labor dynamics and the influence of economic changes on the workforce market prompted the launch of Loyal Source into government services in the early stages of business. More has served as president since the inception of the division. This critical shift in the Loyal Source business model applied the company's previous commercial staffing experience to the government space and has made the company what it is today.

Inside Recruiting September 7, 2021
The Traditional Talent Market Is Gone. Has Your Company Adapted?

There is no such thing as a traditional job market anymore. In the wake of the pandemic, many candidates are rethinking their career goals and personal priorities. They're looking for something new. With an abundance of open roles and job seekers looking to make a change, it's a buyer's market. Like it or not, companies need to adapt their recruitment and retention tactics to this new...

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