Caitlyn Metteer
Caitlyn Metteer

Caitlyn Metteer is the Director of Recruiting at Lever, the modern recruiting software that tackles the most strategic challenge that companies face – how to grow their teams. Caitlyn has been at Lever for three years, bringing a decade of education and recruitment leadership experience to the company. She is proud to focus on Lever’s mission every day with the people-focused team and customers to create a better overall hiring experience.

Success May 25, 2022
How to Improve Internal Initiatives to Combat the Great Resignation

Through the tumultuous pandemic-ridden years and the Great Resignation, businesses have been left to face the ongoing challenge of finding top talent and retaining current employees. The constant fluctuation in employment numbers in 2021 and BLS data showing 11.3 million job openings in January 2022 proved that organizations are still struggling to find the best talent for their companies....

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