Chad Reid

Chad Reid is the vice president of marketing and communications at JotForm; he's a frequent contributor to various tech and business publications — and an absolute wizard with a Vitamix.

Inside Recruiting November 13, 2020
Hiring Remotely Doesn't Have to Mean Transforming the Entire Hiring Process: 7 Tips to Help You Adjust

The ability to hire remote employees gives your organization a major competitive advantage. You have access to top talent all over the world (or at least in specific time zones where it makes sense) instead of being limited to, say, a 20-mile radius around your office. During the pandemic, hiring remote employees has also become a necessity if you want to grow your business. However,...

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Inside Recruiting October 21, 2020
Ready, Set, Recruit: Great Company Culture Begins With Recruitment

Most candidates ask their potential employers in-depth questions about the company during an interview. According to Gallup, "high-quality" candidates tend to ask questions that focus on a company's culture and whether its values align with their own. But does culture begin with the company and end with its workforce, or vice versa? The answer is simple: People build company culture, but...

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Smart Tech March 10, 2015
Harness the Power of Online Forms to Boost Your HR Efforts

It's hard to get excited about online forms, especially when your focus is on finding and retaining dynamic talent for your company. But by executing high-quality online forms, your HR department will become perhaps the single most indispensable asset to your company.  And the great thing is that upping your form game will not only help you attract employees, but hang on to them as well....

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