Cherie Curtis

Cherie Curtis is an organizational psychologist and the CEO of Revelian, a Brisbane, Australia-based organization specializing in the development and delivery of psychometric assessments used by employers to inform hiring decisions. Cherie has been recognized as the nation's top leader in the 2016 AIM Leadership Excellence Awards and was a finalist in the 2015 Qld Telstra Business Women's Awards.

Inside Recruiting January 15, 2021
These Are the Skills Hiring Managers Need to Look for in 2021

While the past year has uprooted millions of workers and thrown the global economy into disarray, it has also had a catalytic effect on many industries and companies. For example, of all the changes COVID-19 has caused, perhaps the most significant has been a fundamental reconsideration of the way companies find and deploy human capital. From the overnight shift to remote work to the surging...

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Smart Tech October 21, 2020
Using Artificial Intelligence the Right Way: How to Limit the Risks of AI-Driven Hiring

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the way we find and hire talent. From helping companies identify candidates who match super specific sets of criteria to reducing bias in the hiring process, AI can transform key aspects of recruiting for the better. However, AI also has a dark side. If developed or used improperly, AI can actually increase discrimination,...

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