Christine Santacroce

With a background in business development and an expertise in staffing and employment, Christine is the Manager of Market Development for Recruiter.com. At Recruiter.com Christine focuses on creating new marketing avenues and products for Recruiters and HR professionals alike.
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Negotiation 2.0: Partnering with your Clients

When I first began my career in recruiting, negotiating with clients was something I dreaded.  Several of my colleagues were shocked that I hadn't yet seen Glengarry Glen Ross and after forcing me to YouTube some choice scenes of Alec Baldwin spitting the words 'steak knives' over and over...I was terrified. I began to picture scenes of dark, smoky board rooms with big-wig attorneys...

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Surviving Office Politics

Government Shutdowns. Higher Taxes. Healthcare. Left versus Right. If there is a single one of us out there who hasn't had enough politics for a lifetime, I'd pay to meet them! Over the last several years we have been inundated by increasingly polarized (and frustrating) politics. The last thing we need is to find ourselves running for office in an internal election at the workplace....

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When Candidates Attack

We've all heard the horror stories and the jokes.  So many people out there 'hate' recruiters. Clients  bemoan the need for us. Candidates (not all) can lack any respect or appreciation for the role.  Worse yet, friends and family still don't quite get what you do.  But you know what? It's a tough profession. And while candidates and clients might take the opportunity to knock us given half a...

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Why Your Candidates Hate You

So over the years I have heard countless candidates, clients and even random people at parties knock recruiters. I've heard anecdotes from candidates on how they received job leads from recruiters and then contacted the company themselves. I've heard clients bemoan the need to partner with recruiters. I've even heard some people who have received jobs through a recruiter and then blocked them...

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My Colleague, My Competition

Chances are that if you are an Agency Recruiter (or Account Manager) you are walking into an office every day with stiff competitors. Look around while you pour that cup of coffee. See that guy over there? Yep, he's working to beat you.  That woman over there printing resumes? You know she's working to beat you. And what about that guy staring at you? Yep, he's planning your...

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Recruiters and the Excuses We've Never Heard Before

As I write this note to all the candidates out there, I would like you to realize a couple of things. One, I just had two interviewees pull a no show with a new client this morning. And two, calling 10 minutes before an interview does not qualify as cancelling with appropriate notice. In any case, I wanted to provide a quick rundown of excuses that any Recruiter who has been working for, oh say,...

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Recruiters are People Too

Last week I was walking through the offices of one of my best clients.  Waving, saying hello, shaking hands and just checking in with the Managers, the leadership and my consultants.  I love doing that. It's a positive way to end the week, find out about new opportunities and overall just take it light and easy. One of the Managers called me over. He smiled, we chatted and then he caught...

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Recruiting 101: Knowing Your Candidates

When I first started in this business, candidates were the product...and they were treated like it.  I was taught to know my candidate inside and out; their likes, dislikes, family situation, interests and most importantly, their career goals.  Over the last decade, it's safe to say that the Candidate First model has gone by the wayside, at least in the big shops. And while that certainly...

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Barbershop Politics

There is a lot of chatter, political punditry and all around noise surrounding business and politics these days.  With the economy effectively screeching to a halt before our eyes and political leaders jockeying for position rather than seeking a solution, people have begun to lose hope. People have begun to look to their futures with fear rather than faith. What went wrong? I was sitting...

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The Making of a Bad Recruiter

I've been an Agency Recruiter for a long time now. I like what I do and I know how important a service recruiters provide to both their candidates and their clients, whether internal or external.  It's actually a fantastic profession for people who are personable, driven and ambitious, yet thrive on challenge and change. However, more and more the industry is being filled with...

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Three Corporate Recruiting Challenges

Over the years in this business, I have a spent a great deal of time interacting with Hiring Managers, Executives and HR.  But often, I am brought in to speak to the folks currently handling all of the hiring and recruiting...the internal Corporate Recruiter. Now this meeting is often fraught with challenge; after all there is a perception that I, the Agency Recruiter, am being brought in after...

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How to be a Bad Recruiter

Today was just like any other Monday.  I came into the office, checked my email, caught up on interviews, candidates and clients that I needed to follow-up on from Friday and started on my second cup of coffee.  Then one of the dreaded time-killers occurred: a client of mine reached out to me to share the frustrations of his job search. "Oh no" I thought. "It's only 9AM" Now, any...

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