Courtney McGann

Courtney McGann is the content creator and PR gal for Red Branch Media, an Omaha-based marketing firm. Red Branch Media was formed in 2006 as a simple consultancy. Today, the firm is a full-service B2B marketing agency, primarily focused on human resources and global workforce vendors. In the past Courtney has managed online communities, professional social outlets, marketing campaigns and event planning.

The Link Between Customer Care and Employee Engagement

An impressive array of positive business outcomes are correlated to high employee engagement, not the least of which is improved customer care. It doesn't matter what economic climate you're in, customer care can make or break a company. Senior analyst at Forrester Research, Megan Burns said: "The experience that individuals have with a company and then what they hear from friends and...

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Content is King in Recruitment Marketing

As recruitment and marketing start to share the responsibility of attracting talent and brand strategy, we've started to see more and more traditional marketing tactics in everyday recruiting. There is a reason that marketers, on average, spend over a quarter of their marketing budget on content marketing. Social media sites and blogs reach 80 percent of all U.S. internet users and account for...

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Look to the Cookie, Elaine! Diversity in the Workplace

In a particularly great episode of Seinfeld, Jerry tells Elaine that people should look to the black and white cookie to find racial harmony. "If people would only look to the cookie, all our problems would be solved." Ah, if embracing diversity were that easy. Racism is just one of the many "isms" that leaders fostering diversity in the workplace have to combat. An EIU report,...

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How to Thrill the Cynical Generation

Employee engagement experts have been talking about the disconnect between Gen X workplace expectations and what is actually out there for them for a while now, but it feels like change is happening pretty slowly. While exact dates vary from source to source, the general consensus is that Gen Xers are those born between the early 1960s and the early 1980s. There are currently three different...

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The Recruiting Benefits of Facebook Graph Search

Employee referral program software company Zao pulled together some social recruiting data from Facebook's Graph Search. This fairly new tool grants users information from photos, people, places and interests. Facebook's Graph Search has become extremely useful in social recruiting because it allows recruiters to zero in on relevant candidates, using the vast amounts of people data that...

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Let the Bidding Begin! A New Way to Hire Tech Workers

The tech worker drought has many companies scrambling to find and keep good tech talent. Many are creating talent pipelines starting at the university level, and others are pulling out the stops with perks. One company has found a totally different way to do things, and it could reinvent recruiting for many high-skilled positions. While many areas of the country aren't necessarily feeling...

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This Might Make You Reconsider Your Application Process

It all stems from this little quote from Forbes contributor Liz Ryan, "Before you automated a process, every business analyst and programmer told us, it had to be a sensible process on its own." It makes complete sense doesn't it? Ryan wrote a pretty eye-opening piece on the root of a lot of recruiters' issues with everything-automation, called "How Technology Killed...

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25 Movie Quotes to Inspire Your Recruiting Practices

There is ample time to talk about tech, culture and hiring practices. Take a break from whatever productive thing you're trying to accomplish, and check out how some of the greatest movie quotes of all time that will sink into your inner recruiter dialogue. Then, get back to work! Oh, and please leave your own movie quotes in the comments section below. Enjoy... 1. On getting creepy with a...

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6 Outrageous Job Perks—and the Companies that Offer Them

Take a second and pretend you're not in that cubicle. Pretend you're working for one of those insanely popular companies whose main goal in business seems to be to make their employees happy. Facebook, Google and Zappos are always in the spotlight for their employer brand, but here are a few perks that you may not have heard of. Cisco Offers Acupuncture Cisco's state of the art fitness...

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Five Standard Tools for HR Departments in Large Companies

Great tools and technology are no longer perks in large HR departments; they have become standard. As the HR technology industry explodes, these tools are more affordable and effective than most of us in the industry could have predicted. More than Video Interviewing A survey we conducted in 2012 concluded that almost six out of 10 employers with 1,000 to 5,000 employees use remote video...

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4 Reasons for Recruiters to Stay Home and Out of the Polar Vortex

It's no joke out there as this polar vortex sweeps across the nation. As I write from a recliner here in Omaha, Nebraska, the temperature is at -9 degrees and the wind chill is at -36. Skin can literally freeze in a matter of minutes, about how long it takes to scrape the ice off of an entire SUV. While going into the office is possible, who in Sam Hell wants to go out in this?! Here are four...

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A Look at the 2013 HR and Recruiting Space

There's plenty of time to talk about social recruiting, building a company culture and the importance of going mobile. This is a look back at how the recruiting and HR space felt this year. As another great 365 days in the world of HR and recruiting has come and gone, here's a little highlights reel to wrap up what we saw in 2013 complete with buzz terms, what made us laugh, what inspired us,...

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