Dan Blacharski

Dan Blacharski is a thought leader, advisor, industry observer, and PR counsel to several Internet startups. He has been widely published on subjects relating to customer-facing technology, FinTech, cloud computing, and crowdsourcing. He lives in South Bend, Indiana, with his wife Charoenkwan and their Boston Terrier, "Ling Ba."

Get Hired January 26, 2018
Out-of-Town Interview? Your Travel Preparation Can Make or Break It

Late last year, there was a lot of media buzz over the "Cancun Experience Officer," or "CEO," job opportunity created by the Cancun.com travel website. It's understandable why: The job amounted to a six-month paid stint hanging out at the top Mexican tourist destination and promoting beach-related events. Sadly, most job searches involving travel aren't quite as fun or carefree. If you've...

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Get Hired May 16, 2017
As Banking Jobs Shift to Infrastructure and Tech, Job Seekers Need New Skills to Keep Up

Getting a job at a bank used to be seen as a wise career move and an easy path for anyone with a business degree. For those without degrees, a job as a bank teller still carried high status and decent pay. While these jobs required some business skills, they were mostly high-touch roles centered on customer service. Today, your friendly teller has been replaced by an ATM, and your loan...

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Inside Recruiting July 1, 2016
How Millennials Are Changing the Job Market

The "Greatest Generation" went from the war to the workplace, taking advantage of rapid post-war growth in the late '40s and '50s to nail down jobs for life with pensions upon retirement. Today's millennial generation has never known that type of work environment, and the stick-with-one-company mentality of the June Cleaver generation is not as common as it once was. During the brief span...

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