Dave Denaro

David Denaro is vice president of Keystone Associates, a division of Keystone Partners. Dave joined Keystone Associates in 2008 and is the site lead for the Burlington, MA, and Nashua, NH, offices, where he advises executives, managers, and individual contributors in career transition. Dave has more than 25 years of experience in career advising, staffing, and leadership development, successfully advising career changers and career continuers.

Get Hired December 3, 2018
Testing the Market: 3 Steps to Finding the Right Role in a Hot Job Economy

The job market is hot, and you are probably in demand. This is your chance to go for the right role, at the right company, and with the right manager. Finding a great job is a job of its own. It takes planning and execution to find a job better in all respects than the one you have now. There are two common reasons why people fail to take action to find their perfect job: You...

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Get Hired September 17, 2018
To Find Hidden Jobs, Run a Proactive Job Search

When I explain to my clients that networking correctly is the most effective way to find a great job, about 99 percent of them say they hate networking. Even super skilled, relationship-building-is-my-middle-name salespeople! Good networking involves relationship-developing conversations, not ask-a-stranger-for-a-job transactions. Think of it this way: In an interview, the hiring manager...

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Get Hired June 26, 2018
3 Steps to Finding Hidden Jobs on LinkedIn

Most job seekers on LinkedIn wait to be contacted about an open job. They're all waiting for the inbound call instead of digging into the hidden job market to find jobs that aren't even open yet. Most growing companies budget in advance the hires they need to make for a whole year. For example, if a company plans to hire five people in the coming year, or 50, or 500, they can't absorb them all...

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