Elizabeth Lions

Elizabeth Lions is the author of two books, "Recession Proof Yourself" and “I Quit! Working for You Isn't Working For Me.” Her third book on leadership will arrive in 2016. Elizabeth is also a well-know radio personality on Plaid For Women, where she hosts a show called “Leadership Lessons From the Lioness.” Elizabeth has a private practice as an executive career coach where she helps executives in transition and with leadership development. A wise adviser, Elizabeth has been quoted in U.S. World News Report, AOL Jobs, Australian Finance, Silicon India, CBS Money Watch, Yahoo, The Ladders, and Dice. Before becoming an accomplished author, professional speaker, and coach, Elizabeth started her career as a headhunter on the West Coast. Elizabeth had the pleasure of working with the leaders of Microsoft, Wells Fargo, eBay, and Intel, to name a few. Today, Elizabeth can be found writing, coaching, and collaborating with the who’s who of corporate America. When she isn't working, Elizabeth can be found traveling across state lines with her husband on their Harley-Davidson motorcycle or in the yoga studio twisting for hours on end. For more information about her philosophies, please visit www.elizbethlions.com

Inside Recruiting July 24, 2017
The Right Hires Can Be a Make-or-Break Factor in Your Career as a Leader

As a leader, you've interviewed hundreds of candidates during your career. You know what you're doing, right? You're running from meeting to meeting, and you've got that interview at two 0'clock sharp with what's-his-name. Who cares, right? All the pertinent information is in the Outlook invite. This is the common thought process of many leaders when it comes to hiring, and yet hiring can...

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Get Hired April 14, 2017
How the Job Search Has Changed Since 2008

According to LinkedIn, 87 percent of passive and active candidates are open to new jobs – mostly because they are looking for career advancement and growth. In the last three years, I have had many clients come to me looking for new roles who have been with their current employer for 10 years or more. These clients are often baffled by how much the job market and recruiting itself have...

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Get Hired April 7, 2017
5 Things You Need to Remove From Your Resume In 2017

Everyone agonizes over their resumes. We all worry that if it's not perfect, we may not get a call from a recruiter. However, when you constantly gather feedback from peers and experts, you may end up making the job search too confusing before you even start. Ultimately, you only want to consider one thing when you write your resume: the reader. The reader isn't the evil applicant...

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Success January 16, 2017
4 Speech Patterns That Can Diminish a Woman's Credibility at Work

Perceptions: They form quickly and set like cement. Unfortunately, other people's perceptions of us often form in our blind spots. It is hard to really know just how we are coming across to others. You may think you are just having a casual conversation or making a post on social media, but people are forming opinions about you instantly based on what you say or...

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Success January 11, 2017
How to Support Other Women at Work

"I just don't like working with women," she said to me over coffee. "They are so catty. I'd prefer to work with men, and when I look around, all of my friends are men, too." "I used to feel that way," I responded. "Then I realized that the women I didn't like were more like me than I thought they were. Somehow, rather than reject them, I learned to embrace them." It took me years to...

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Success October 12, 2016
Don't Let the Jerk Drag You Down – and 2 More Rules for Workplace Success

After witnessing thousands of promotions and job searches, this is the best analogy I have to describe what goes on at work: The office is nothing but a game. As in any game, there are rules. Make no mistake: The people at the top know the game and the rules – which is how they got there. Rule No. 1: Get Along When you're on a team, the rule is to get along and not let petty...

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Success September 23, 2016
Emotional Intelligence: Why Bother?

Recently, a client called and asked me to do a speaking engagement for a major insurance company on the topic of emotional intelligence (EQ). I explained that it takes a great deal of pain to convince people to accept input on the matter of emotional intelligence, and that they generally only do so if changing would create more of what they wanted from their careers. For example, if...

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Success September 16, 2016
Being the Boss: Why So Many Leaders Fail

Nothing is more flattering than a promotion. When the executives choose you to be a leader, it sends a powerful message about your skills and knowledge. But if a promotion is proof that a person knows what they're doing at work, why is it so hard for so many employees to make the move from individual contributor to leader successfully? Leaders and Managers Need Soft Skills – But...

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Success August 22, 2016
Don't Take the Counteroffer

You've had a good, long run at your current job, but you've recently started exploring the job market – just to see what's out there. Low and behold, you stumble across a position that is everything you've ever wanted in your career — more pay, good management, a challenging product line. Now, you're sneaking around, taking long lunches to move the interview process along, and after a lot...

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Success August 15, 2016
The Real Reasons Why Women Earn Less Than Men at Work

Statistically, women do earn less money than men do, but when you compare women and men in the same jobs with the same skill sets, the wage disparity is lower than you'd think, according to PayScale. Often, the gap between men's and women's salaries has little to do with skill set. Many times, it all boils down to how a person perceives themselves and their self-worth. Confidence plays a...

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The Innovators July 6, 2016
5 Tips on Building (or Rebuilding) a Great Team

New to leadership? Did a top performer just quit your team? Don't worry. Here are five surefire steps to help you build (or rebuild) a powerful and productive team: 1. Assess Quickly It is critical that you assess your team within the first 90 days of accepting a leadership position. Look carefully at each employee's workload and individual strengths. Then, look at the team as a...

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Inside Recruiting June 29, 2016
Why Is Everyone Unhappy At Work?

What goes up must come down, and employers may not be ready for the next shift in the talent market: top performers leaving en masse. Americans workers are cranky, disengaged, and looking for something better. Overworked and reeling from watching their coworkers clean out their cubes, these employees are the survivors of the Great Recession. The Statistics of Discontent In January...

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