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Fernando Ramirez is a social media and content strategist for TalentCulture. He's built social media strategies for Fortune 500 companies and talent communities in the HR and Recruiting Technology space. Fernando is a passionate blogger and fantasy football strategist. He is based in Boston.
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The Candidate Experience: 4 Deadly Habits Worth Kicking

The candidate experience is probably one of the more malnourished and mistreated processes involved in recruiting and retaining talent -- but why? Yes, there are logical explanations: lack of organization, poor timing, and unmanaged expectations. And yet, we all have a common understanding of what hiring new talent means for our bottom line. While there some organizations and technologies...

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Social Media Screening: a Candidate's Perspective

Is it really possible that our social media profiles affect what hiring managers and recruiters think of us? Can our online social behavior provide strong indicators of the type of worker we'll be? Perhaps it can, or perhaps it's all just speculation. Whatever the case, it's frightening to think that hiring managers and recruiters make such judgement calls when they hardly know anything...

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What Fantasy Football Can Teach Recruiters

As the leaves start to fall and the cold air settles in, the beginning of fall is a joyous occasion for some. It's the perfect time of year to go apple picking, carve pumpkins, and begin your fantasy football season. Some of us have already begun and others are still waiting for their drafts to take place. But most of us have never given much thought to how fantasy football can make an impact...

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The Candidate Experience: 3 Reasons to Care

Most of the time, people talk about improving the candidate experience as if it requires hardly any effort. When it comes to the candidate experience, few understand the process, and even fewer find success with it. Not to purposely be the bearer of bad news or anything, but according to a MysteryApplicant.com infographic, just 5 percent of applicants rate their candidate experience as...

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How Unrealistic Job Descriptions Build a Phantom Workforce

Why are organizations and candidates having such a difficult time trying to find the right fit during the hiring process? Does it have to do with how candidates are interviewed? Or does it begin the moment organizations publish their job postings? Perhaps organizations and candidates are just not seeing eye-to-eye when it comes to credentials. Apparently, only 17 percent of job seekers have the...

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5 Compelling Statistics About Recruiting Behavior

Trying to find talent is not an easy task, neither is understanding how recruiters think and operate. To be an effective recruiter you have to utilize various techniques to generate leads and build talent pools. Recruiting is no longer as simple as picking up a telephone and dialing numbers all day. It's an art form. Recruiting is not a cheap science trick. There are daily obstacles that...

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Breaking Bad Recruiting Habits

Many working professionals have received a message from a local recruiter, offering an "outstanding opportunity with rapid career growth for a fast-growing organization that serves fortune 500 companies." Sorry if I sounded a little salesy there, but that's usually how the pitch goes, right? According to research, recruiters will speak with at least 13,000 different people annually. WOW,...

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What Recruiters can Learn from the #IceBucketChallenge

This summer, a special ice bucket challenge was issued. It began in a little old American city, called Boston. Since then, it has become one of the most powerful and successful social media campaigns of 2014. By now, if you haven't seen someone performing the #icebucketchallenge on Facebook or Twitter then you should checkout the ALS Association website and learn what the non-profit...

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Should Companies Pay Employees to Leave?

How many of us have ever wished that we could voluntarily leave our job? But once the truth sinks in, most of us don't, because our responsibilities outweigh our wants. This is usually the case for most of our daily occurrences, but for some organizations, they boldly encourage the discouraged to leave. Believe it or not, it only takes a little cash incentive to give these people a little nudge...

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3 Questions Leaders Should ask About Their Employees

It used to be that employees showed up to work and quietly punched out a full day without making much noise. Of course, workplace dynamics were much simpler then. Today's working professionals know there is a constant demand for them to perform at a high level, to innovate, and to be all they can be. Interestingly enough, this pressure is being thrown right back at leadership. And why is this?...

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3 Adventurous Reasons to Exercise at Work

Probably many of us spend our days sitting down all day long, with hardly ever enough time to focus on taking care of our personal well-being. There are all kinds of reasons as to why there's not enough time to take care of ourselves. Some people spend long hours at the office, then a long commute home, which can crush the kind of motivation you need to work up a sweat at your local gym. Other...

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How to Stop the Hunger for Employee Engagement

There are probably a billion articles on employee engagement that we can find on Google right now. It's a highly discussed topic that gets the attention it deserves, but not enough of the action that it actually needs. I mean, think about some of the reasons we talk about employee engagement: lack of employee engagement because of poor leadership, no opportunities to display creativity,...

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