Ferris Kaplan

Ferris Kaplan has been a marketing executive at large for-profit and nonprofit companies. He has a master's in journalism from the University of Southern California and teaches marketing at colleges. Kaplan founded Best Of You Resumes.

Get Hired August 13, 2021
Don't Wait for Everything to Reopen — Start Your Job Search Now

If you race dragsters, you don't wait for the green light to accelerate. Your left foot is on the brake while your right foot is giving gas. You watch the starting lights of the "Christmas tree" count down the yellows while applying more gas. As soon as the light turns green, you release the brake and stomp further on the accelerator. This head start is not only legal but gives you an...

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Success July 26, 2019
Your Shot: Finding a Career When You're Young (Or Not), Scrappy, and Hungry

Sitting in a Broadway theater watching the amazing Hamilton, I noticed a catchy line sung by our eponymous hero: "I'm young, scrappy, and hungry, and I'm not throwing away my shot." Thinking about this line later, it reminded me of the many students I've had who fit the bill. They were young (college students), scrappy (about to graduate), and hungry (in need of a job). We'll get to the...

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Get Hired April 12, 2019
When It Comes to Your Resume, Size Doesn't Matter — Or Does It?

"How long?" Of all the questions I get about resumes, that is the one I get most often. HR managers, school career counselors, and even professional resume writers can't seem to agree on the appropriate length for a resume today. The internet — particularly in the guise of LinkedIn and other professionally oriented social media sites — has changed how we look at resumes. Instead...

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Get Hired November 8, 2018
Happy Holidays! It's a Great Time to Find a Job

Conventional wisdom has it that the end of the year is the worst time to look for a job. Many view that Bermuda Triangle period from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years as a waste of time, since yearly budgets have already been spent and decision-makers and HR folks are out on vacation. However, I'd like to propose that now is actually the best time to turn up the heat. There...

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Get Hired July 31, 2018
10 Best Tips for Not Blowing Up Your Job Interview

Congratulations! You've gotten through the door and landed yourself an interview. Now, you must sell yourself. Close the deal by demonstrating why you are the best choice to meet the employer's needs. Last year, Entrepreneur published a list of interviewing mistakes to avoid that I think offers a good place to start — but I don't think it covers everything. That's why I'd like to...

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Get Hired July 4, 2018
Reading Between the Lines of a Job Ad

First-time home-buyers may be easily impressed by advertising lingo like "easy-care yard," but the more seasoned shopper knows that's code for "small and filled with stones and cacti." "Great starter house"? That means you should expect to spend a lot of time fixing it up. So it goes with job ads. Especially early in our careers, we're often eager and excited to read ads for roles that...

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Get Hired June 6, 2018
What's Your Headline?

Newspapers have them. So do magazines, ads, and even stories on the nightly news. A headline highlights and introduces what is to follow. Based on a headline, an audience may stick around or bail out (turn the page, change the channel, fall asleep, etc.). Maybe your resume has a headline, too. It may be a few keywords, larger or bolder than the rest. It could be an opening paragraph...

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5 Simple Ways to Stand Out on the Job

Whether you're an entry-level employee, a middle manager, or a seasoned professional, you should be losing sleep over wondering, "How am I going to stand out?" In fact, this is the No. 1 question job seekers, managers, and even students entering college ask me. My advice is the same for everyone: Find out what your peers are doing, and don't do it. Remember the famous Apple...

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Success March 14, 2018
Shake Like You Mean It!

The handshake is a lost art. We fist-bump, high-five, chest-bump, give thumbs up, kiss cheeks, hug, and wave – but our etiquette has so devolved that shaking hands is now rare. The handshake may be forgotten by many, but it's not obsolete, nor is it extinct by any means. It is still the way professionals greet each other. It's also great when you're making a first impression to convert...

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Get Hired February 2, 2018
Job Search With a Laser, Not a Flashlight

Many students, friends, and clients, have told me they intend to look for a new job this year. When I ask the obvious question – "What are you looking for?" – their responses are almost always ambiguous. Few people can identify the industry, company, or even city of the job they want. For a more focused job search – one guided by a laser-like precision – I'd suggest following...

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Get Hired November 10, 2017
It's Not You, It's Me: Why You're Not Getting Hired or Promoted

Whether it's not hearing back about the job for which you applied, being politely turned down after an interview, or being passed over for promotion, rejection hurts. It would be understandable to get angry, depressed, and/or apathetic about it. Eventually, you'll move on. Or, you could reflect on the situation to analyze why you were rejected. This is the harder path, but it is much...

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Inside Recruiting October 4, 2017
Hello, I Must Be Going: Today's Job Hoppers Have No Time for a Gold Watch

Your parents and grandparents likely had only a few jobs before settling in with one company until retirement. For you, that's probably not the case. According to a PwC report, millennials – those born between 1980 and 2000 – comprise a quarter of the workforce. They are the largest generation since the soon-to-retire baby boomers, and they have very different goals from previous...

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