Jarin Schmidt
Jarin Schmidt

Jarin helps shape the future of documenting and promoting skills by leading the product, engineering, and design teams at Credly. With a background in design, strategy, and product development, Jarin is passionate about helping people tell their unique professional stories through emerging technology so they can discover the most rewarding opportunities.

Inside Recruiting January 31, 2022
How Recruiters Can Evaluate Candidates With a Skills-Based Lens

Not only has the hiring landscape changed for job seekers, but it's also changed for hiring managers and recruiters on the business side. When managers are deciding their approach on whether or not a candidate is a right fit for a job, traditional talent management standards like college degrees or past employment experience are no longer the only applicable qualifications to consider. Instead,...

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Smart Tech March 15, 2021
Effective Remote Collaboration: The Tools, Tech, and Training You Need to Support Remote Teamwork

Within the past year, we've seen significant changes in how employees work with each other and their employers, most obviously in the shift to remote work. Some companies may make remote work permanent, while others may adopt a hybrid structure mixing remote and in-person arrangements. Regardless, remote work and the flexibility it affords will likely be part of companies' policies in some...

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Inside Recruiting March 8, 2021
Finding It Hard to Attract Top Talent in a Pandemic, More Hiring Managers Adopt a Skills-Based Approach to Recruiting

The unpredictable trajectory of the global coronavirus pandemic has had a serious impact on every area of company operations. Within the HR industry, the traditional hiring practices companies have long relied on were totally upended. At the outset, many hiring managers believed the high unemployment rate caused by the pandemic would make it easier to attract top talent. In fact, many...

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Inside Recruiting November 19, 2020
Your COVID-19 Recruiting Strategy Needs to Be Skills-Based and Data-Driven

The unpredictable circumstances we've found ourselves in this year have had a significant impact on all areas of business operations. When we consider how COVID-19 has affected the HR vertical, it is evident that traditional hiring and recruiting processes took a serious hit over the last few months. Many believed the high unemployment rate resulting from the pandemic would make hiring talent...

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