Jeffrey Audette

Jeffrey Audette is the president of VMG Recruiting. With more than 25 years of experience in recruiting, Jeff has partnered with small, medium, and Fortune 500 firms, helping them find the talent they need. You can learn more at VMGT.com or contact Jeff at [email protected]

Inside Recruiting October 31, 2019
More Than Just Resumes: 4 Ways Great Recruiters Help Their Clients Land Top Talent

You might think all a recruiter does is send you a string of candidates to interview. It's true plenty of recruiters do just that, but the best ones go much further. Whether they're selling your position to passive candidates, helping your team avoid bad hires, or even taking care of your full hiring process, the right recruiter can offer major benefits to you and your company. Let's...

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Inside Recruiting September 27, 2019
4 Quick Fixes to Improve Your Quality of Hire

When it comes to the success of your organization, nothing is more important than talent. A business lives and dies by the quality of its hires. If you're struggling to hire the caliber of candidate you'd like to have in your organization, you're facing a serious problem. What can you do to bring in the top-tier candidates you want and deserve? It all comes down to your hiring process. A...

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Inside Recruiting August 22, 2019
Your Hiring Process Is Causing High Turnover

Turnover is inevitable. New talent flows in, and old talent flows out. That's part of the healthy life cycle of any organization. But for some companies, turnover stops being a healthy process and becomes a serious issue. If employees stay with the company for a while and move on when it's time to take the next steps in their careers, that's one thing. If your organization is struggling to...

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Inside Recruiting August 6, 2019
What Happens If You Don't Fill That Position?

Some positions are hard to fill, like those requiring highly specialized niche skill sets or those prone to significant stress and high turnover. Whatever they look like, chances are your organization has a couple of its own. In a perfect world, every position would be easy to fill. In a slightly less perfect world, it would be fine to leave these hard-to-fill positions empty until the...

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Inside Recruiting July 16, 2019
Most Interviewers Are Bad — and That's Why You Keep Making Bad Hiring Decisions

Talent makes or breaks an organization. You've heard that before — but that doesn't help anybody if a bad hire has already been made. Bad hires mean nothing but trouble. Of course, bad hires lead to wasted money. In terms of manpower, onboarding, and training costs, you've probably spent thousands of dollars to fill this role, and now it turns out the person sitting in the seat isn't the...

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Quit Waiting for the Perfect Candidate — Hire the Acceptable Candidate Instead

Good talent is the top competitive advantage an organization can have, which is why it's so important both to know when you've found the right person and to move quickly when you have them in your sights. Unfortunately that's harder than it sounds. Many companies struggle to choose the right candidate in a timely manner, which leads to serious staffing problems and lengthier hiring...

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Inside Recruiting March 15, 2019
Want Better Candidates? Tell Your Recruiter These 4 Things

Communication is an important part of any business relationship. When you hire a recruiter to fill an open position, your first instinct may be to let them know more or less what you're looking for and then move on. However, the recruiter will be able to help you much more effectively if you share what you need in detail. I know this sounds like a lot of work, but if you give a recruiter...

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Inside Recruiting February 21, 2019
4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Recruiting Company

If you're in the process of hiring a recruiting agency to help you fill some difficult roles, you might not know where to start. Are all recruiting organizations the same? Does it really matter which one you hire? How can you tell which ones really have your best interests at heart? These aren't the easiest questions in the world to answer, but this article will give you a few...

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Inside Recruiting January 7, 2019
Streamline the Hiring Process to Avoid Death by Interview

Also known as "interview fatigue," death by interview happens when the interview process grows so long that the best candidates start bailing and the rest of them become demoralized. High-quality candidates have options. They don't have to put up with lengthy, drawn-out hiring processes — so they don't. The best candidates are generally off the market after only 10 days. Given...

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Inside Recruiting November 1, 2018
When Should You Choose a Generalist Recruiter Over a Specialist?

If you're thinking of hiring a recruiting firm, you're probably wondering whether to hire a firm that specializes in your industry. You've probably heard a lot of pretty convincing reasons why you should choose a specialized recruiter over a generalist, but that doesn't mean generalists can't be valuable partners. Full transparency: I run a generalist recruitment firm. Full...

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Inside Recruiting September 5, 2018
Retained Vs. Contingency Recruiting: Which One Is Right for You?

You have important positions to fill in your organization. With every day that goes by, each open role costs your company hundreds or thousands of dollars in lost revenue. You need to fill that position in a hurry. Let's say you've already decided to give the job to a recruiter. Your first thought is probably to hire a half-dozen contingent agencies. This way, you get a lot of people...

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Inside Recruiting June 25, 2018
How to Deal With High Turnover Rates

Turnover. It means extra time spent hiring and recruiting. It means losing productivity while training new hires. It means low employee morale and strain on your organization. High turnover is a disease to your business. Left untreated, it can bring an organization down. How high is high turnover? Well, that depends. Turnover rates vary by industry, with some reaching as high as 6.1...

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