Jesse Sostrin

Jesse Sostrin is the author of 'The Manager’s Dilemma.' He writes and speaks at the intersection of individual and organizational success. Follow him on Twitter: @jessesostrin.

Get Hired December 9, 2015
What's the Business Case for You?

You can't be distinctive without being selective. Selective organizations and their leaders look to the strength of the "business case" before investing precious resources in new opportunities. Whether it concerns people, priorities, or projects, the business case includes a dispassionate and balanced assessment of the relative benefits, costs, and presumed impact of the potential choices....

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Inside Recruiting September 3, 2015
Is There a Leak In Your Talent Pool?

Your deep bench of emerging leaders doesn't matter when the talent you have is undermined by unrealistic, punishing demands. Conventional wisdom suggests that a dynamic talent pool is the key to winning that elusive human capital advantage. Attracting a deep bench of high-performers that delivers a diverse pipeline of future leaders can not only ease succession planning pressure in the long...

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Success August 24, 2015
The 4 Least Productive Responses You Can Have When There's a Lot on Your Plate

The manager's dilemma is a phenomenon that affects roughly 80 percent of all managers. It is triggered when you fall into that precarious place where your demands and responsibilities increase, yet the resources you have available to meet them do not. The problem with this inverse equation is that, when the demands you face outpace the resources you have available to address them, you end up...

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Success July 7, 2015
Starting a New Job? Don't Take Those Old Bad Habits With You

Whether you are boldly seeking your next career challenge, or desperately trying to escape the job you're in, one thing is true: you will take all of your old, bad habits with you unless you get down to the root causes and make intentional choices to let them go. One of the most common constellations of bad habits occurs when we get too busy for our own good and the combination...

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How to Outperform Your Place on the Organization Chart

Recently Zappos announced its move toward becoming a holacratic organization, one where traditional job titles and the roles of hierarchical management are irrelevant. While Zappos and other headline-grabbing companies attempt to innovate their way beyond the status quo, the vast majority of us still work in traditional cultures where power and influence are governed by titles, organization...

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Using a "Commitment Device" for Professional Development

Do you have the guilty feeling that you should be reading more books, networking with successful peers, or attending webinars and workshops to keep your professional focus tight...while the truth is that there is just no time or energy for it? You are not alone in the struggle with this immovable contradiction. When it comes to great business books to boost your knowledge, a major cause of...

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Three Skills to Immediately Boost Your Upside at Work

Although "what have you done for me lately" attitudes abound in today's fast-paced business world, projecting a strong upside of your future talent and potential is the best leverage you wield in a competitive job market. For example, a hiring manager may not see everything she wants in you as a candidate, but if she perceives potential for your combination of raw ability and experience...

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Interview Like a Rock Star

As a candidate you are only as desirable as the potential you project during the interview process. Because this first impression is truly the definitive factor that determines whether you will or will not receive the job offer, there is (understandably) significant pressure on job seekers to show off their potential without over-doing it. In other words, you need to interview like a rock star...

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