Keith Kitani

Keith Kitani is CEO and cofounder of GuideSpark, a SaaS company helping enterprises transform workplace communications to drive the success of HR programs like total rewards, performance management, culture, and onboarding. Keith has spent over 20 years building communication solutions that connect people and information for both startups and technology leaders like Macromedia and Adobe.

Smart Tech June 25, 2021
Your Tech Stack Was Good Enough for the Pandemic — but Is It Right for Long-Term Digital Transformation?

While the world of work was certainly well on its way to becoming more digital and remote-friendly prior to the pandemic, the arrival of COVID-19 accelerated the digital transformation timelines of many organizations. Years-long plans turned into overnight changes, showing us just how much our organizations can truly achieve in such a short period of time. To aid the sudden transition to...

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Inside Recruiting February 17, 2021
Onboarding Was Bad Before the Pandemic, and It's Only Gotten Worse. Here's How to Fix It.

The world of work looks a lot different than it did a year ago, and many are predicting we'll see lasting changes for years to come, including more organizations opting for permanently remote or hybrid work environments. In this context, the process of successfully onboarding new employees has become more important — and more challenging — than ever before. Onboarding is a key program...

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The Innovators June 5, 2020
Cut Through the Digital Noise: Strategic Communications in Times of Change 

"The two words 'information' and 'communication' are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things," journalist Sydney J. Harris once said. "Information is giving out; communication is getting through." A wealth of information is just a click away in our digital world, but the most important and strategic communications for employees often get buried — and this...

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The Innovators April 12, 2019
How to Keep Remote Workers Culturally Connected

The concept of a "workplace" is becoming metaphorical. A 2018 survey from workspace management company IWG found 70 percent of global professionals work remotely at least once a week and 53 percent work remotely at least half the week. If present trends continue, it's not hard to imagine a future in which in-house workers are the minority and remote workers the norm. This trend has the...

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