Kelby Zorgdrager

Kelby Zorgdrager is CEO and founder of DevelopIntelligence. Kelby, a serial entrepreneur, started two successful businesses in his career. Much of his career has been focused on leveraging technologies to create robust, scalable, and extensible solutions. Kelby has held just about every position possible in the technology world, from tech support to CTO. During his last role as a CTO, he realized that there was a distinct need for software development training that blended real-world, project-oriented skills with hands-on, focused training. After much work, deliberation, and coaxing from his wife and friends, Kelby started DevelopIntelligence. Since then, Kelby has been applying his vast experiences in the software development and technical training industries to help companies with their educational and software development needs.

Inside Recruiting July 18, 2017
HR Challenges: The Importance of Good Training for Software Developers and Engineers

By some estimates, 40 percent of new employees who receive poor training leave their jobs within a year of starting. Not only is the attrition rate staggering, but it also puts a significant burden on HR departments to find new talent in an already constrained market. Furthermore, dealing with the aftermath of employee departure is expensive. Replacing an employees can cost between 16...

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